GWM Unveils “Ecological Globalisation” Strategy at Beijing Auto Show

At the 2024 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Great Wall Motors (GWM) made waves with a global press conference, spotlighting its strides in global development and charting a course forward aligned with its vision of “ecological globalisation.”

GWM’s global strategy spans the entire value chain, from research to production and sales. With local subsidiaries and a focus on localised marketing and product development, GWM operates vehicle production plants in Thailand and Brazil, complemented by KD factories in Pakistan, Ecuador, and other regions. This localisation enables tailored R&D and production to meet regional driving environments and preferences.

Mr. Parker Shi, Head of GWM International and VP of GWM Group, delved into the company’s global journey, highlighting the success of its five major product series across over 170 countries and regions, serving over 1.4 million international users. In 2023, overseas sales surged past 314,000 vehicles, signalling substantial year-on-year growth.

Under the “ONE GWM” brand strategy, GWM is reshaping its brand image and empowering its product series to address diverse global needs. Models like the GWM Tank 300 and GWM Tank 500 have gained acclaim worldwide, with the former ranking second in global hardcore off-road sales.

GWM places a premium on customer service, offering the comprehensive GWM Care service to cater to every aspect of owners’ car usage. Through initiatives like car owner events and off-road tours, GWM fosters a sense of belonging among its global user base.

Looking ahead, GWM remains steadfast in its commitment to openness, inclusiveness, and long-term sustainability. The company aims to expand its product mix for overseas markets, establish a trustworthy brand image, and contribute to the sustainability of the global automotive industry. With these endeavours, GWM aspires to make meaningful strides toward sustainable development on a global scale.

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