Jaguar Concludes F-Type Production with Heritage Collection Addition

Jaguar has officially ended production of the F-Type sports car, marking the end of an era for the iconic model. The final example produced, a V8 Convertible, will join the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and be part of the official Jaguar Heritage collection. This notable piece of Jaguar history is finished in Giola Green, featuring a black roof and a Tan Windsor leather interior, echoing the configuration of the last E-Type built 50 years ago.

Heritage and Legacy
The F-Type’s inclusion in the heritage collection is significant, as it honours Jaguar’s long-standing tradition of creating celebrated sports cars. This final F-Type will be showcased at various special events throughout the year, allowing enthusiasts and the public to appreciate its place in the brand’s storied legacy.

F-Type’s Journey
Jaguar introduced the F-Type in early 2013, offering it in both Convertible and Coupe forms. Its design was widely acclaimed and praised for its elegance and sporty aesthetic. Over the years, the F-Type established itself as a versatile grand tourer, particularly notable for the thrilling performance of its supercharged V6 and V8 engines, which provided a distinctive and exhilarating soundtrack.

Looking Ahead
As Jaguar transitions towards its electrified future, the F-Type’s departure marks a pivotal moment. While the cessation of its production closes a chapter on Jaguar’s traditional combustion-engine sports cars, it also sets the stage for new developments in the brand’s lineup. The F-Type’s legacy, celebrated through its inclusion in the heritage collection, will continue to inspire and influence Jaguar’s future endeavours.

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