RapidKL to Add Over 300 New Buses

Transport Minister Loke Siew Fook announced plans to enhance connectivity by increasing the number of buses on the road.

RapidKL has initiated tenders for adding over 300 new buses, while Prasarana aims to procure approximately 400 vehicles this year. Loke highlighted the importance of expanding bus fleets as a more viable option compared to overhauling mid-life buses.

Encouraging private bus operators to augment their fleets through the stage bus service transformation programme, Loke emphasised the need for more drivers to support the expanded bus services.

Andrew O’Brooks, the managing director of MAN Malaysia, expressed support for the initiative to train proficient lorry drivers. He noted that drivers specialising in transporting dangerous goods can earn over RM10,000 monthly, underscoring the potential benefits for skilled drivers in the industry.

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