Elon Musk: No Model Y Refresh Expected in 2024

In a recent statement, Tesla CEO Elon Musk declared that the electric vehicle giant would not introduce a refreshed Model Y in 2024, postponing a potential growth catalyst until the following year at the earliest.

Responding to inquiries on his social platform X regarding rumours of an updated Model Y set for release in July, Musk firmly stated, “No Model Y ‘refresh’ is coming out this year.”

Musk emphasised Tesla’s commitment to continual improvement, noting, “I should note that Tesla continuously improves its cars, so even a car that is 6 months newer will be a little better.”

The Model Y, Tesla’s top-selling vehicle by a significant margin, underscores the importance of an updated version for future sales.

However, the impact of the anticipated “Project Juniper” Model Y refresh on sales remains uncertain.

The standard RWD Tesla Model Y here in Malaysia now retails for RM191,000, while the Long Range AWD variant costs RM238,000 and the top-of-the-line Model Y Performance is now offered for RM280,000.

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