2022 Subaru STI E-RA Concept EV

STI builds 1,088 ps electric prototype as a near-future motorsport study project

Subaru Tecnica International, the carmaker’s motorsports division which Subaru fans know more as ‘STI’, is looking ahead to the era of electrified vehicles, and inevitably a time will come when motorsports will go fully electric. As it is, there is already a single-seater all-electric series (Formula E) and in the recently-ended Dakar Rally in Saudi […]

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2022 Cadillac InnerSpace concept

Cadillac InnerSpace concept reimagines the luxury experience of motoring in future

For those who have not followed the changes in Cadillac, the quintessential American automobile brand, their products are no longer the huge and heavy ‘aircraft carriers’ they once were. In fact, since the 1980s, the General Motors subsidiary has been ‘downsizing’ in response to energy concerns and the need to look for socially acceptable. It […]

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Budget Airline Car by CRD 2022

This car doesn’t fly but it could replace the budget airline aircraft

Before 2020, flying had become commonplace with low-cost carriers making it possible for almost anyone to fly. For Malaysians, heading off the Penang or the East Coast for the weekend was replaced by quick trips to Phuket in Thailand or Bali in Indonesia. Then COVID-19 attacked the planet and that changed things. People are flying […]

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Chrysler Airflow Concept begins carmaker’s transformation of range to fully electric by 2028

Although Chrysler, one of the three original American carmakers to survive to this day, has had electrified models for some years. By 2025, it will start selling its first battery electric vehicle (BEV), with plans to change its entire product range to BEVs by 2028. As part of the Stellantis Group, formed only one year […]

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You can have a different colour for your BMW iX every day!

In the 1960s, James Bond’s Aston Martin had changing numberplates and in 2021, BMW’s iX Flow featuring E Ink has changing body colours. But just like the feature on James Bond’s car, don’t expect it to be offered on BMWs anytime soon. It is a demonstration of future technology for a model displayed this week at […]

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Sony has developed a second EV and this one’s an SUV

At CES 2020 (the major consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas), the Sony Group announced that it would be venturing further into the mobility business, with a sleek prototype car called the VISION-S. At that time, though, what it displayed seemed to be a concept car to show off various technologies, which is also […]

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The most efficient Mercedes-Benz ever built – the Vision EQXX

At one time, when mention was made of ‘EV’ or electric vehicle, a small bubble shaped car might come to mind. And though electric motors do have a lot of zip, EVs were thought to be poor performers which provided basic transportation but no driving pleasure. But as we are now seeing, the EVs set […]

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2021 Citroen Skate autonomous EV concept

Citroen’s Skate concept can mate with Pods for different urban mobility needs

Skateboarding, which appeared in the 1950s, is a popular sport today. They are like surfboards except that instead of skimming over water, they have wheels to do the same on land. However, to the auto industry, skateboard means a different thing and is a new idea being used for electric vehicle (EV) platforms to streamline […]

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Upgraded Team Fordzilla P1 prototype showcased at Gamergy 21 with better streaming capabilities

The full-scale prototype of Team Fordzilla’s P1 – Ford’s virtual racing car created in collaboration with the gamer community – which was unveiled at gamescom 2021 as the ultimate racing simulator has been further developed with impressive new streaming capabilities. Showcased at the Gamergy 21 event in Madrid, Spain, this month, it now has three […]

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