Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4²

Mercedes-Benz EQC 4×4² proves e-mobility can go further off-road

With electric vehicles going to take over in coming years, will some segments disappear? Will the rugged 4×4 vehicles and pick-ups slowly fade away? Not likely if we look at what Mercedes-Benz is working on as its electrification program progresses. The company has revealed a prototype which uses a drivable technology platform on the basis […]

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Renault Megane eVision concept previews new Megane for 2022 (w/VIDEO)

Having been among the early carmakers to start electrifying their product line and since 2010, it has sold more than 300,000 electric vehicles in Europe. Renault continues to look ahead to the future of electric vehicles and mobility. Revealing the next step in the brand’s broadening electrified vision is the Megane eVision, an innovative concept […]

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2020 Voyah i-LAND prototype concept

Dongfeng Motor unveils first product of Voyah sub-brand – the i-LAND

Like a number of automakers, China’s Dongfeng Motor has a constantly growing range of models and to provide more differentiation, sub-brands are created to cater for specific niches. In July this year, the company launched VOYAH, its new premium brand which is dedicated to EV products. It aims to introduce a new model each year […]

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Nissan RE-LEAF concept

Nissan EVs as mobile power supply units in disaster areas (w/VIDEO)

Many of today’s electric vehicles (EVs) have a battery pack that can store a considerable amount of energy. The energy is used to power the electric motors that move the vehicle, but the battery packs can also be used as mobile power supply units in areas that have experienced natural disasters. Nissan is exploring such […]

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Zero Concept by Lynk & Co to be unveiled at Beijing Auto Show this weekend

Lynk & Co, the global premium brand created in the Geely Auto Group, clearly has its eyes on the future and the future is going to be all about electric vehicles (EVs). Its ideas for the future therefore focus on  pure electric vehicles and Geely Holding has even developed Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) for this. […]

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Project Gelandewagen 2020

Mercedes-Benz Project Gelandewagen – the SUV as never seen before

‘Gelandewagen’ (and also ‘G-Wagen’) was a reference name to the 4×4 vehicle that Mercedes-Benz launched in 1979 which would evolve into the G-Class in the 21st century. It is also the name of the first outcome of a collaboration that is a first of its kind between Mercedes-Benz and Chief Creative Director and Founder of […]

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Try a Renault at TC Euro Cars and become the owner of a concept car

The Renault Symbioz concept EV was conceived as a mobile home on wheels, with a multi-use cabin giving occupants a new motoring experience. It is an extended living space from the home, bringing the lounge atmosphere when on the move. Thanks to its various self-driving modes, there’s no more need for manual driving (the option […]

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2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Concept

Jeep will bring back the V8 Wrangler

During the past 10 years, the auto industry has been downsizing engines as a way to reduce consumption, toxic exhaust emissions and also weight. Thanks to turbocharging and direct fuel injection, the engine outputs have actually increased in spite of displacements decreasing. But while most people are happy with smaller, more fuel-efficient engines, Americans still […]

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