roaming agreement

With the target of 10,000 charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) by the end of 2025 set by the government, the race is on to build the network around the country. What is important is to have a comprehensive network that will enable people to travel further away from the city where they live. If they can feel confident of locating a charging points along the way when they go to, say, Desaru, for a holiday, then they would not be hesitant about owning an EV.

There are hundreds of charging points already installed but they are operated by different companies which have different systems and apps to make payment. It can be bit of a hassle for motorists to have multiple apps and also to locate the charging points of a specific network.

A consolidation of networks would make things more convenient and that is what Green EV Charge Sdn Bhd has done by signing a tripartite roaming agreement with EV Connection Sdn Bhd and Yinson GreenTech (YGT). This will enable cross-tracking and cross-access charging of EVs on the Gentari (via Setel), JomCharge and chargEV mobile apps.



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