Yamaha to Tune the Upcoming Toyota FT86 II / Scion FR-S

Scion FR-S

The most awaited Toyota FT86 II / Scion FR-S which is the successor of the popular car used by Takumi in Initial-D comic that is the Toyota AE86 or also known as Hachiroku (which means 86), is going to be tuned by motorcyle maker, Yamaha to get ‘inspiring’ sound for its engine. Previously, Yamaha have also tune Lotus cars. Specifically, the Exige

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This gives me a new perspective to Yamaha company. They are trusted by Toyota and Lotus for engine tuning, so, it is one of the reason why I believe Yamaha bike engine are one of the superior engine in bike world. Yamaha are very hard at work to produce new engines. For example, for 115cc engine, Yamaha have 3 different engine. One is for the Yamaha Ego 115, Yamaha Nouvo S 115 and one more for the Lagenda 115Z. For 135cc, Yamaha have 2 different engine. One for Nouvo 135LC (2-valve) and one for the 135LC (4-valve). If this were from other manufacturer, I think they will use the same engine for all the model that have the same engine capacity. But not Yamaha. They just make new engine because they can.

Source: Autoblog

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