Playseat Driving Simulator – Tested and Recommended by Sebastian Vettel and Takuma Sato [Game]

Playseat Driving Simulator

Priced from USD388 – USD800 depends on model, I think this is the ultimate controller that you can get for your game console. The official statement from Playseat are as below:

The Playseats racing simulation cockpit lets you THRILL to the same experience that real-life racing drivers feel behind the wheel.

Discover why professional videogamers know there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you bolt a feedback wheel to your game seat. Experience the rock solid feeling of steering, accelerating and braking without the hassle of a slippery pedal or the disappointment of a cheap trembling wheel attached to your desk. 

Now it’s eazy and fun to drive your own GT4 Formula 1, DTM or WRC in your own home, in front of your TV or computer, and feel like you’re in the middle of the action on your favorite track! Measure your own performance against the computer or your friends, or kick it up a notch and race online against other drivers anywhere in the world.

The Playseats game chair is compatible with all digital driving wheels ranging from Logitech G27, Logitech G25, Logitech ForceGT, and MOMO wheels. And it’s the perfect choice for force feedback wheels. Talk about compatable;  the Playseats game chair works right out of the box with your PS3, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360, PC, or Wii.


Experience the true excitement of all racing videogames and flight simulations. Finally, joysticks, driving wheels and pedals feel firm and real.

Here’s why the Ultimate Gaming Experience PlaySeats is the perfect video game chair support for any Logitech driving wheel. The Playseat game seat connects quickly and easily and delivers the ultimate game experience at home for thrill seeking video game pilots around the world.

The Playseat car game accessory features a robust and stable metal frame and a well-thought-out design that makes this game seat comfortable, responsive and unique. All race seats include our patented unique folding mechanism for added strength and durability. The foldable seat is combined with a fully adjustable steel frame that you can custom fit to your favorite height, length and depth. This complete adjustability means your Playseat car game accessory will work with almost every game computer player and steering wheel. The seats are perfect for anyone age 8 and up.

With its totally renewed design and double stitched vinyl seat, even top drivers from around the world use this Race Seat to improve their skills or just to have a great time.

via: www.playseat.com

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