Petronas Sprinta Launched @ Phuket Bike Week 2018! [+Videos & Photo Gallery]

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Launched! It’s the first time that Petronas has ever done an official launch in Thailand, and since it’s for motorcycles, what better venue than at the iconic Phuket Bike Week!

It was indeed a full-on razzmatazz affair right at the centre stage of PBW, in fact, the branding for Petronas is so strong at this year’s event, I wouldn’t be surprised if first timers here would mistake it for a Petronas bike event instead of PBW.

More details on the new Petronas Sprinta engine oil launched will come soon, in the meantime, enjoy the sights and sounds of Phuket Bike Week in the videos below!

And not forgetting the girls of PBW as well!

Photo Gallery…

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