Mazda Unveils the Arata SUV Concept – EV and PHEV Options

Mazda made a splash at Auto China 2024 in Beijing with the debut of the rear-wheel-drive EZ-6 sedan, stealing the spotlight at their stand. However, another notable premiere was the introduction of the Arata, a sleek electric SUV concept destined for production by the end of the following year.

Developed by Changan Mazda, a joint venture between Changan Automobile and Mazda, the Arata is likely to receive a different name for its production version, possibly an alphanumeric designation echoing Mazda’s other SUVs. The “EZ-60” nameplate has already been trademarked in China and could be a potential choice.

The Arata, meaning “new” or “fresh” in Japanese, offers a glimpse of an attractive electric SUV that may share a platform with an existing model. While the EZ-6 sedan is expected to be based on the Changan Depal SL03, the EZ-60 could derive from the Changan Deepal S7. However, significant design differences suggest that Mazda’s versions will appear more upscale and justify a potentially higher price tag.

As a concept, the Arata is an all-electric vehicle which will also offer a plug-in hybrid variant just like the EZ-6. It features Mazda’s signature Kodo design language, with sleek lines, illuminated grille, and distinct lighting elements front and rear. The concept incorporates cameras in place of traditional mirrors, eliminates door handles, and foregoes a rear wiper for a cleaner aesthetic. A spoiler with a vertical third brake light extends to the roof panel, while the quarter panel design creates the illusion of flying buttresses.

While Mazda has not confirmed plans to sell the sedan and SUV outside of China, where they will be manufactured, the vehicles are sure to generate excitement with their innovative designs and electric powertrains.

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