Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 – Mega photo gallery

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The very exciting Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 aka “Malaysia’s premier Old-Skool & Kustom Kulture event” has just concluded its eighth installation last weekend. Held at MAEPS Sedang, over 55,000 attendees came for the weekend extravaganza and if you missed it, we’re truly sorry because what you’re about to see next is a huge dose of awesomeness.

We spent both days scouring through the event grounds, looking for Malaysia’s nicest custom cars and what we found was a whole a lot. A LOT. There are so many cool looking cars, it would be a sin if we didn’t share our shots with the rest of the world. Hall A was the main show, but Hall C housed a lot of rare gems and we would like to say sorry to the cleaners for all the drool that drooped from our gapping mouths.

From rare JDMs, cool continentals, to one-off custom machines, there’s always something for everyone at any Art of Speed Malaysia events. As for AOS 2019, cars got a lot more attention as their annual AOS Invitational Build-Off consisted of some jaw-dropping examples of what Malaysian talents are capable of when it comes to cool car builds.

Without further ado, here is our Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 mega photo gallery. Enjoy (and try not to get jealous). Please clear your schedule for next year’s event because knowing how AOS works, they will definitely have something bigger and more badass up their sleeves.

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