BRABUS DEEP BLUE Statement – A SUV, Super Boat And Watch

DEEP BLUE is the name of a special version of the BRABUS 900, an SUV based on the latest Mercedes-AMG G 63. Inspired by the deep blue sea, the DEEP BLUE colour is a custom pain finish specially developed for the version, with the high-end respray also including all chrome and plastic components on the body.

BRABUS didn’t just take a G 63 and spray it with an exclusive colour; it also gave the super SUV a widebody with the BRABUS WIDESTAR KIT. Even with just 100 mm of extra width, the vehicle has visually massive looks.

In addition to the fender flares, this bodywork refit also comprises special fascias for the front and rear, which give this SUV a sporty appearance. The bonnet cowl with a power bulge and the radiator grille surround, the side air vents at the back of the flares and the exterior mirror housing are some of the elements made of exposed carbonfibre.

Also made from the same lightweight ,material with a sealed, glossy surface finish are the centre sections of the front and rear fascia, which are reminiscent of an underride guard, and the rear wing. The BRABUS designers’ evidently love carbonfibre as even the BRABUS 900 logos at the rear have inlays formed using the material.

The WIDESTAR fender flares create space for wheels with a king-sized diameter of 24 inches. The forged BRABUS Monoblock Z PLATINUM EDITION 10-spoke rims are specially painted high-gloss black.

All the available space under the widened wheelarches is filled with the 10J wide wheels fitted with 295/30 high-performance ZR tyres at the front. At the rear are 12J rims with 355/25 ZR tyres.

The BRABUS Ride Control aluminium coil-over suspension was developed in cooperation with KW and  specifically tuned to match the high-performance street tyres.

The front-axle struts and rear-axle shock absorbers with integrated heat sinks are all milled from a solid piece, and can lower the ride height by up to 45 mm. The damping can be set to markedly comfortable or sporty with the Dynamic Select switch in the cockpit. 

The number in the model designation of the DEEP BLUE comes from the BRABUS 900 ROCKET V8 twin-turbo increased-displacement engine. With the larger displacement of 4407 cc (from the standard 3982 cc) as well as specialized tuning, the engine output is 310 bhp more than the stock engine of the G 63. That 310 bhp more, not just 310 bhp, bumping the output to 888 bhp.

Torque is equally massive 1,250 Nm available at 2,900 rpm on the dyno. However, to be on the safe side, the engineers have peak torque is limited electronically to 1,050 Nm in order to protect the drivetrain.

The power increase also comes from having an extensively revised turbocharging system. Two special BRABUS turbochargers with a larger compressor unit and special core assembly with reinforced axial bearing produce a peak boost pressure of 1.4 bar. Because a powerful engine such as this also needs more air to breathe, the intake system was also modified extensively. Special high-pressure pumps were installed to ensure optimal fuel supply.

So what sort of performance levels can be expected? From rest, the SUV weighing more than 2.5 metric tons can reach 100 km/h within a claimed 3.7 seconds. It can go faster than the 280 km/h top speed but is electronically limited to that speed to protect the tyres.

The interior designers created an exclusive interior which features slate grey leather accentuated with blue BRABUS labels and a host of elements such as controls, air vents, speaker grilles and surrounds, which also have blue glazing. Carbonfibre surrounds and handles with a high-gloss, sealed finish in the cockpit emphasize the sporty character.

Further exclusive BRABUS elements around the cabin are the aluminium pedals and door lock pins with blue glazing, as well as the carbonfibre scuff plates with backlit BRABUS logo that changes colors in sync with the ambient lighting. Special BRABUS door hinges facilitate getting in and out in the rear, because the doors open at a 90-degree angle and thus are much wider than those of the production car.

The BRABUS 900 DEEP BLUE has a base price of 499,000 euros (about RM2,425,700) and if you want a matching boat as well as watch, BRABUS has the Shadow 900 Sun-Top DEEP BLUE Signature Edition super boat and Panerai Submersible S BRABUS Blue Shadow Edition watch. They are packaged with the SUV as the BRABUS DEEP BLUE STATEMENT which is priced from 1,181,000 euros (about RM5,745,550).

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