Illegally Parked Car Summoned, Vandalised And Clamped

A recent viral video on Twitter shows a car that has been summoned, vandalised and clamped for illegally parking.

The vehicle owner shows us a walk-around shot of his vandalised Proton Wira and a note that was stuck onto his windshield. There were several cusswords written on the car with a marker and the front left tire was clamped. Also attached to the wiper is a traffic summons.

The owner instructed the security guard to wait before removing the clamp so that he can record a video and send it to his boss.

In the comment section, a netizen checked the number plate of the vehicle and found out that it had 12 summons.

Some netizens also questioned why the owner is angry when the mistake is his. “Relax, keep some stupidness in you, don’t finish it all” said the netizen.

To us, the owner is in the wrong for parking his car illegally which can give others a difficult time but that does not mean the car has to be vandalised. We suggest leaving it to the law and not taking rash actions on our own. The least we can do is lodge a complaint.

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