Android-Powered Cars To Get YouTube, Waze And Zoom By Google

Soon, vehicles equipped with Google’s Android Automotive operating system will be able to use in-car infotainment systems to access apps like YouTube, Waze, and Zoom.

Although this is something that most aftermarket players offer, this integration is only available for vehicles running Android Automotive, a version of the Android operating system that has been specifically designed for vehicles. Without the need to connect another device, it gives cars direct access to numerous Google apps and services.

Now we know what you’re thinking; this can be distracting for the driver. For safety reasons, only passengers will be able to access YouTube and other entertainment-focused applications while the car is moving. However, drivers will be able to use the app when the car is parked, Google said.

The Polestar 2 was the first car with Google integrated into its entertainment system, and the Polestar 3 will reportedly have Google’s HD mapping technology as well. Therefore, the next natural step is to provide more entertainment-focused apps.

Along with YouTube, Google will also make video calling software Zoom and real-time mapping service Waze available in Android Automotive vehicles. Later this year, GameSnacks will also offer new games for Google-powered autos. Games like Beach Buggy Racing and Solitaire are among the bite-sized games included in the GameSnacks app, which may be played by drivers while they wait in the car.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Google stated that additional automakers will integrate its software. It previously disclosed collaborations with Mercedes-Benz AG and Volvo Group, which will also incorporate Android Automotive into more of their vehicles.

The Mercedes cooperation is a little different because it has a licencing agreement in place that will let it add Google Maps, Cloud, and YouTube to its cars, which run the in-house MB.OS operating system.

Google stated that it anticipates the number of vehicles running Android Automotive to double by the end of the year, despite not naming any of its prospective auto partners. Additionally, several vehicles from Chevrolet Motor Company, Groupe Renault, and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. are equipped with its software.

Android Automotive is a toolkit that enables automakers to create their own experiences using Google software as a framework, in contrast to Android Auto, which is powered by a user’s phone.

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