Maxis And BHPetrol Partner To Digitally Enhance Customer Experience

In order to enhance the consumer experience at their retail stations, Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd (BHPetrol) has chosen Maxis to be a part of the company’s extensive digitalization project.

In accordance with the collaboration, BHPetrol’s outdoor payment terminals at each fuel station and its Point of Sale systems at all of its retail stations in Peninsular Malaysia will be powered by SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) deployed by Maxis as a network provider.

Adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective converged connection solutions are provided by the networking technology known as SD-WAN, which also has built-in security features to guarantee end-to-end communication protection.

To date, Maxis’ SD-WAN has already been rolled out to more than 240 locations, with implementation at other stations expected to be completed by the end of the year.

“This important partnership enables Maxis to offer our unique capabilities and experience in providing next-generation networking technologies. We look forward to working together to support BHPetrol’s digital transformation efforts,” said Goh Seow Eng, Maxis’ Chief Executive Officer.

“This strategic partnership is aligned with our commitment to harness the power of digitalisation in accelerating our growth. We are confident that this partnership will enable us to foster greater innovation, improve operations, and elevate the overall customer experience at BHPetrol,” said Ir. Azizul Azily Ahmad, Chief Executive Officer, BHPetrol.

The Retail of the Future experience that BHPetrol envision calls for a dependable, ultra-high-speed network can be provided by Maxis’ SD-WAN. Both businesses are investigating potential future opportunities to use Smart Retail technology, such as proximity payment, mobile wallet, and biometric authentication solutions.

In accordance with the partnership, Maxis and BHPetrol are providing limited-time cash incentives to users of Maxis and Hotlink through June 30, 2023. Users only need to download these discounts from the Maxis or Hotlink app and redeem them at participating BHPetrol stations to take advantage of them.

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