Puspakom Introduces Approved ‘Runners’ For Its Services

Puspakom is concerned about some runners who take advantage of drivers by demanding exorbitant costs and giving incorrect information.

Puspakom claimed that many of its clients who hired runners for car inspection-related issues at its branches experienced this. “The customer then files a complaint saying that Puspakom is not transparent. As a result, Puspakom has a bad image,” it said in a statement.

The corporation has recently launched the Puspakom Approved Customer Representative (PAR) initiative to address the issue of runners or middlemen manipulating service charges.

Puspakom will use this system to do background checks on all runners with the assistance of the appropriate authorities. Those that make it through the screening process are recorded as PARs.

Customers who want to employ runners’ services can consult the website’s list of registered PAR.

In order to protect their own safety, Puspakom stated that it advised drivers to stop by one of its many branches for a vehicle inspection.

Why are customers encouraged to use the services of PAR?

  • PAR has undergone a vetting process by Puspakom with cooperation from the relevant authorities
  • Transparency of information related to fees
  • Able to provide feedback on the services of the PAR

Every transaction or transaction agreement (whether in writing or not) between the Client and PAR:

  • Is a personal transaction beyond the control of Puspakom, made with the consent of the Customer
  • Is not monitored and controlled by Puspakom
  • Puspakom does not provide any commission to PAR
  • Puspakom does not accept any commission from PAR
  • Customers are at their own risk when agreeing to get the services of third-party representatives (whether registered or not)

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