Zurich Malaysia Unveils Network of Preferred Windscreen Specialists

Zurich Malaysia, dedicated to offering personalised and comprehensive automotive care, has introduced its network of Preferred Windscreen Specialists. These carefully selected partners embody Zurich Malaysia’s core brand philosophy of “Care For What Matters,” delivering top-notch service and value for car owners.

The introduction of Preferred Windscreen Specialists by Zurich Malaysia aims to establish new standards for convenience and reliability in windscreen repair and replacement services. The network comprises four reputable partners: Nanmar Motor Service Sdn Bhd, CCH Auto Glass Sdn Bhd, Mobile Windscreen Sdn Bhd, and Dr. Cermin Sdn Bhd.

These specialists offer unique benefits to address common challenges encountered by car owners:

1. Seamless Door-to-Door Service:
Zurich Malaysia’s Preferred Windscreen Specialists bring unparalleled convenience directly to customers’ doorsteps, eliminating logistical challenges and time commitments. This tailored service caters to the needs of modern car owners, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

2. Extended Peace of Mind:
In line with Zurich Malaysia’s customer-centric approach, the Preferred Windscreen Specialists offer an extended warranty on all windscreen replacements and tinting services. Customers can rest assured knowing their vehicle is in capable hands, reflecting Zurich Malaysia’s enduring commitment to delivering value and satisfaction.

With Zurich Malaysia’s Preferred Windscreen Specialists, car owners can expect nothing less than excellence in service and care, reinforcing Zurich Malaysia’s dedication to “Care For What Matters.”

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