Proton Partners With E-Bidding Companies

Proton has established formal strategic alliances with three reputable E-Bidding Companies (EBC) to improve the way that trade-in vehicles are disposed of for customers. The company is certain it has made great progress towards providing a quicker and more effective means for clients to own new cars by working with EBCs myTukar, MUV, and Carsome.

It has become clear that customers need a better option to trade in and get rid of their old cars as sales volume keeps increasing. Customers may expect a variety of advantages from these collaborations, including improved convenience, reliability, competitive trade-in values, pricing transparency, safe payment and ownership transfer, daily auctions, quicker disposal, and thorough inspections.

Customers will be able to send their vehicles for auction through an easy-to-use online portal thanks to Proton’s relationship with EBCs. Customers might save time and effort by not having to visit numerous dealerships or haggle with potential buyers as a result.

Customers will be able to earn competitive trade-in values for their cars through an honest and open auction system. Consumers receive a flawless experience thanks to the clear pricing approach, which guarantees that consumers can make knowledgeable decisions during the trade-in process. The payment and ownership transfer processes are also accelerated to reduce any potential delays or issues.

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