Infiniti Teases Vision QE: A Glimpse Into Their First Electric Vehicle

Luxury automaker Infiniti is providing a glimpse of its first electric vehicle, the “Vision Qe,” ahead of its official debut later this month. The Vision Qe offers a sleek fastback design, providing a preview of Infiniti’s venture into the electric vehicle market, although arriving later than some competitors.

Infiniti, a subsidiary of Nissan, has yet to unveil its first fully electric vehicle despite the market shifting towards electrification. The brand witnessed a decline in sales in the US, prompting a revamped visual identity and roadmap to align with the changing automotive landscape. It has even been discontinued here in Malaysia for some time now but is expected to make a comeback in our market.

As part of its plan, Infiniti aims to revamp sales and target 100,000 sales by mid-decade, relying on four new or refreshed models, including two fully electric vehicles. The updated identity encompasses retail stores with large glass windows akin to Apple stores, symbolizing a new era for Infiniti.

The Infiniti logo has also undergone modifications, emphasising the “Infiniti road” and horizon line, signifying a new chapter for the brand, which includes the introduction of its first EVs.

The Vision Qe concept will be officially revealed on October 24, along with several other new models, providing a glimpse into Infiniti’s future lineup and electrification strategy.

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