Rolls-Royce Reveals The Black Badge Ghost Ekleipsis

Rolls-Royce has once again set a higher standard with the unveiling of their latest masterpiece, the Black Badge Ghost Ekleipsis Private Collection. This exclusive release, limited to just 25 units, draws its inspiration from the celestial event of a solar eclipse, infusing each aspect with the grandeur, spectacle, and enigma associated with this astronomical marvel.

The external design features a distinctive Lyrical Copper hue that glimmers and shifts from shadows to iridescent brilliance as light dances upon it. Delicate Mandarin accents below the iconic Pantheon Grille and meticulously hand-painted coachlines pay homage to the phases of a solar eclipse.

Upon entering, the interior boasts a tailor-made and intricately crafted finish. The animated Starlight Headliner emulates the solar eclipse, darkening and illuminating in a captivating sequence. A total of 940 ‘stars,’ representing the corona during totality, are encircled by 192 stars mimicking the phenomenon of seeing stars during daylight. This extraordinary feature, taking over a year and three prototypes to refine, provides a sense of celestial drama within the car.

The celestial tale continues with the fascia, adorned with 1,846 laser-etched ‘stars,’ recounting the timeline of a solar eclipse in meticulous detail. This includes a custom timepiece with a half-carat diamond inset, evoking the rare ‘Diamond Ring’ effect witnessed during an eclipse. The clock’s bezel integration with a precious stone marks a historic first for Rolls-Royce.

However, the masterpiece’s centerpiece is the Panoramic Sunset dual-toned and perforated leather seats that encapsulate the twilight effect experienced during an eclipse’s totality. Over 200,000 individual perforations, achieved through advanced computational design tools and seven manual iterations, create a visually stunning effect, enhancing the theme of a solar eclipse.

The special edition is based on the performance-oriented Black Badge Ghost, which has an upgraded twin-turbo 6.75-litre V12 engine that generates 592hp. An eight-speed automatic transmits power to all four wheels, and the Ghost-specific planar suspension provides the car’s renowned “magic carpet” ride.

All 25 units of this ethereal masterpiece have been eagerly assigned to some of the most distinguished clients of Rolls-Royce worldwide.

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