Toyota Reveals Land Cruiser Se Electric Concept

Toyota recently revealed the Land Cruiser 250, but now, they have given it an electrifying twist with the unveiling of the Land Cruiser Se concept. This concept offers a tantalising peek into what the first electric model of this iconic off-roader could look like.

Concept vehicles typically leave us hungry for details, but Toyota has generously shared some intriguing information alongside a set of digital renderings. Notably, the Land Cruiser Se stretches 5,151mm in length, spans 1,988mm in width, and stands at 1,704mm in height. Its wheelbase extends to 3,050mm, offering nearly 203mm extra between the axles compared to the upcoming production model. For comparison sake, the Land Cruiser 250 measures 4,925mm long, 1,980mm wide, 1,870mm tall and with a wheelbase of 2,850mm.

Toyota reveals that the unibody Land Cruiser Se features three rows of seats, providing space for up to seven passengers. While powertrain specifics remain undisclosed, the concept promises a “high-torque driving experience.” It’s a safe bet that the theoretical powertrain incorporates dual electric motors, delivering all-wheel drive – a fitting choice for a Land Cruiser. The press release hints at its off-road prowess, stating “confidence in tackling tough terrain.”

Beyond these details, there’s little additional information available about the Toyota Land Cruiser Se concept. However, its distinctive boxy design is undeniably captivating. Interestingly, it bears little resemblance to its current production counterparts. Were it not for the “Toyota” emblem adorning its front and the slim taillight band above, one might not even associate it with the automaker.

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