Tesla Cybertruck Is On Tesla Malaysia’s Website – Right Hand Drive Option?

As the Tesla Cybertruck deliveries have started, specs and range information have finally been revealed. There will be two options available; the tri-motor Cyberbeast which produces 845hp with a range of 514km and the dual-motor option that puts out 600hp and boasts a range of 547km.

There are talks about a single-motor variant in the development with an estimated range of 402km. For the time being, there is no information available about the powertrain.

Facing a backdrop of softened EV demand and increasing competition, the Cybertruck is a crucial player in sustaining Tesla’s sales. However, it is not expected to reach the same volume as Models 3 and Y, both available in Malaysia.

Speaking of which, we came across an interesting find on the official website of Tesla Malaysia. The Cybertruck has been added to the list, joining the Model 3 and Y.

During the production time of the Cybertruck, Elon Musk had stated that the company was facing difficulties and that Tesla had “dug it’s own grave” by undertaking such a task. Back in May, Tesla had axed the production of the Model S and X in Australia due to the halt in production of right-hand-drive variants. With this, we knew that Tesla had no intentions of expanding some models globally.

So would it be right-hand-drive when it eventually arrives here in Malaysia? Well, according to a post dated back in July, Musk had a “solution” for Tesla drivers in right-hand-drive countries. We had a good laugh at this solution. The EV giant had introduced something called “The Reacher”. Yes, it is what you think it is. Imagine driving on the left side of the car and using this tool to pay for tolls and collecting your drive-thru meals. Not very bright now is it?

The Reacher

Just like in Australia, the Malaysian Tesla page does not provide a “Order Now” option but rather a “Get Updates” option. In the US, the Cybertruck is priced at $60,990, which if we do a conversion will be RM284,7620. Before the unnecessary add-ons, the price of the Model 3 here starts from RM189,000 while in the US it is around $40,000. So we can expect the price of the Cybertruck to be around RM290k to RM320K.

We have our doubts that the Cybertruck would actually make it’s way onto our shores. Until then, we will just have to wait and see and keep tabs on any issues that the US buyers are facing with their Cybertrucks or if Tesla has any plans to make a right-hand-drive variant.

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