Hyundai’s H-SOS Concept Sparks Concerns Over Privacy

In Hyundai Motor Group’s 2023 Ideas Festival, a bronze prize-winning concept called “H-SOS” has raised concerns about privacy and potential surveillance.

The concept envisions a future where cars equipped with external microphones are always listening for signs of distress, such as screams or explosions.

If detected, the car would activate lights, hazards, and horn, recording the surroundings via cameras and alerting police with the vehicle’s location and video footage.

While the idea aims to create a social safety net to prevent crimes and accidents, the implementation raises privacy issues. With modern cars already connected to the internet, concerns arise about the potential misuse of data and the erosion of privacy rights.

The concept underscores the need for robust privacy protections to prevent unwarranted surveillance by both governments and corporations.

As technology advances, it becomes crucial to strike a balance between innovation and safeguarding individual privacy.

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