12,540,664 Vehicles Without Road Tax in Malaysia

In an intriguing development, the number of registered vehicles in Malaysia has surpassed the country’s population, revealing a total of more than 36.3 million vehicles as of October this year, according to Transport Minister Anthony Loke.

With Malaysia’s population recorded at 32.4 million last year, the data indicates a significant proliferation of vehicles on the nation’s roads. According to NST, Cars take the lead in registered vehicles, numbering 17,244,978, followed closely by motorcycles at 16,773,112, and goods transportation vehicles at 1,429,403. The diversity extends to 84,745 taxis, 64,021 buses, 30,318 rental cars, and 736,410 other vehicles not categorised.


Remarkably, the active motor vehicle licenses or road taxes for 23,822,322 vehicles contrast with the inactivity of 12,540,664 vehicles without road taxes, presenting a comprehensive overview of the nation’s vehicular landscape.

If a country faces a situation where a significant number of vehicles, specifically 12,540,664, are without road taxes, it indicates a potential issue with tax compliance or vehicle registration. Addressing this situation requires a comprehensive approach to enforce tax compliance and ensure that all vehicles on the road contribute their fair share to road infrastructure and maintenance.

Addressing the transportation situation, Minister Loke detailed the government’s initiatives to promote the use of public transportation. This includes programs such as the My50 unlimited monthly pass via Prasarana and free travel passes for individuals with disabilities and school students on KTM Komuter.

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