BYD’s ‘Vehicle To Load Function’ Powers A Dialysis Machine

Amidst power outages caused by storms and flash flooding on 25th December 2023 in Australia, an electric vehicle (EV) owner on the Gold Coast utilised her car’s emergency power system to run her 11-year-old son’s life-saving dialysis machine.

Kristy Holmes, a resident of the Gold Coast, utilised her BYD electric car, equipped with a “vehicle to load” system, allowing the EV to function as an emergency power source for various devices.

The unexpected blackout prompted Holmes to initially assist her neighbours by connecting their refrigerators to her EV. However, as the power outage persisted, she realised that her BYD Atto 3, purchased in February, could potentially power her 11-year-old son Levi’s life-saving dialysis machine. Taking a decisive step, Holmes successfully ran the dialysis machine off the car’s power, ensuring that Levi, who is on the verge of joining a transplant list, received critical treatment despite the adverse weather conditions.

This extraordinary use of an EV showcases not only the versatility of EVs but also their potential to act as essential assets during emergencies. Holmes, expressing her gratitude, mentioned previous instances where she creatively utilised her EV’s electric system, such as making slow-cooked mulled wine for a movie night.

The incident underscores the broader significance of electric vehicles, portraying them not merely as a means of transportation but as valuable tools capable of providing crucial support during unforeseen challenges and emergencies. As technology continues to advance, these stories highlight the potential for EVs to play a broader role in community resilience and emergency preparedness.

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