Lexus Unveils Limited Edition RZ 450e F Sport Performance

Lexus has introduced the RZ 450e F Sport Performance, a special edition electric crossover, at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. Limited to 100 units for sale exclusively in Japan, this model brings a sporty aesthetic to the RZ lineup. While the F Sport Performance maintains the standard power figures of the RZ 450e, it focuses on improved handling, featuring track-tuned dampers and springs from Toyota’s Shimoyama Technical Centre.

The special edition boasts a distinctive appearance, with 17 new aero parts enhancing its aerodynamic profile. Notable additions include a dual carbon fibre wing setup, with one wing extending from the roof and a second attached to the raked rear hatch. A rear spoiler below the second wing adds a unique touch. The front end receives a carbon fibre splitter with blue accents, complemented by a vented hood. Additional aero elements around the wheels and a specific rear valance complete the exterior enhancements.

To set it apart, the F Sport Performance is finished in a new matte paint colour called Hakugin, described as “white-silver,” inspired by the silent silver world of light and shadow. Blue and black accents contrast against the matte paint, extending to the interior. The cabin features black Ultrasuede seats with blue stitching and various blue trim elements throughout the dashboard and interior.

Pricing for the RZ 450e F Sport Performance is approximately $82,000 (RM381k), and interested buyers in Japan must participate in a lottery system for a chance to purchase one of the 100 units produced. While this special edition is limited to the Japanese market, it showcases Lexus’s commitment to delivering unique and performance-focused models in the electric vehicle segment.

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