Perodua Partners with International Automaker to Develop Affordable EVs

Perodua, a prominent Malaysian automotive company, has entered into a collaborative effort with an undisclosed international automotive partner to create a prototype electric vehicle (EV). This strategic move is in line with Malaysia’s New Industrial Master Plan 2030, with Perodua aspiring to lead the production of cost-effective EVs in the country.

According to FMT, the large-scale production of these affordable electric vehicles is slated to commence by the conclusion of 2025, marking a significant step towards the widespread adoption of electric mobility solutions. Perodua has remained committed to contributing to Malaysia’s goal of achieving 1.5 million electric vehicles on the roads by 2040.

Details regarding the international partner in this collaboration remain confidential, highlighting the anticipation surrounding this development. Perodua’s pursuit of affordable EVs aligns with the government’s vision to boost sustainable mobility and position Malaysia at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.

President and CEO of Perodua, Zainal Abidin Ahmad, expressed the company’s commitment last November, outlining their aim for electric and hybrid vehicles to constitute up to 20% of total car sales by 2030. The government has introduced various incentives, including tax exemptions and road tax waivers, to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the country.

As the automotive landscape evolves towards sustainable and environmentally friendly options, Perodua’s collaboration signals a crucial step in advancing electric vehicle technology on a larger scale within Malaysia. Prior to this, Perodua has provided a glimpse of how its all-electric path might develop in the future by showcasing that vision through its Electric Motion Online (EMO) concept.

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