Tesla Engineer Responds to Cybertruck Rust Allegations

In recent days, a wave of complaints has surfaced on social media platforms from newly minted Cybertruck owners, alleging the emergence of rust spots on their pristine electric vehicles, which come with a hefty price tag of up to $99,900 (RM478,121). One owner went as far as claiming they were forewarned upon delivery that their truck might succumb to rust when exposed to rain.

A member of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum voiced their concern, recounting how an advisor had cautioned them about the possibility of the Cybertruck developing orange rust marks in wet conditions, necessitating buffing to rectify the issue.

Wes Morrill, an engineer associated with the Cybertruck, took to X to address these rust-related grievances. He clarified that the reported specks of rust were minuscule, akin to the size of a “pinhead,” and emphasised that they did not originate from the stainless-steel body of the vehicle.

In his post, Morrill elucidated that the rust-like spots were attributed to surface contamination rather than inherent metal rusting. He shared insights on how to mitigate these orange blemishes, attributing them to metal particles that might have accumulated during manufacturing or transportation, particularly via railways. With over 13 years of experience at Tesla, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile, Morrill referenced a pertinent YouTube video to corroborate his explanation.

“Good myth busting. Stainless is reactive and free iron that sits on it will rust,” remarked the Cybertruck engineer. “It’s surface contamination only and can be cleaned off easily.”

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, seemingly validated Morrill’s assertions by responding with a succinct “Yeah” to the post.

Stainless steel, largely avoided by automakers due to its shaping challenges and susceptibility to smudging, marks a departure from convention with the Cybertruck. Notably, it stands as the first production vehicle since the Delorean in 1983 to boast a stainless-steel construction, underscoring Tesla’s penchant for innovation amidst manufacturing challenges.

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