smart Malaysia Celebrates 100 Days of Customer-Centric Excellence

smart Malaysia is elated to commemorate its first 100 days in the market, coinciding with a rare leap-year occurrence. As the company marks this significant milestone, it reiterates its unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding products and services to its esteemed customers.

During its inaugural 100 days, smart Malaysia organised the smart Tech Insight Day, a tailored event designed to enrich the understanding of existing smart #1 customers regarding their ownership experience. Covering crucial topics such as warranty details, product features, the convenient charging ecosystem, and real-life owner anecdotes, this event set the stage for future engagements aimed at nurturing the smart community. Furthermore, customers benefitted from enhanced convenience through the Hello smart App platform, where they could readily access FAQs to swiftly address their queries.

Looking ahead, smart Malaysia will roll out more events, including driving experiences for smart owners and enthusiasts, providing them with the opportunity to explore the dynamic driving characteristics of the smart #1. This initiative seeks to deepen engagement and cultivate a robust network of smart enthusiasts.

With a notable expansion of its dealer network from 10 operational dealerships in 2023 to soon-to-be 13, including the forthcoming establishment of the first-ever centre in East Malaysia, smart Malaysia continues to broaden its footprint. The smart #1 BRABUS remains the preferred choice among the customer base, underscoring its enduring appeal and exceptional performance. Additionally, smart #1 Premium and Pro owners appreciate the simplicity and efficiency offered for city driving.

smart Malaysia is dedicated to expanding its charging infrastructure and forging partnerships in response to the growing demand for EVs nationwide. With 70% of charging station data already integrated into the Hello smart app, EV owners can anticipate even broader coverage as collaborative efforts with key stakeholders in the EV ecosystem progress. This collaboration aims to facilitate convenient access to charging facilities nationwide, further bolstering the adoption of electric vehicles. Additionally, the updated app now facilitates debit or credit card payments, enabling owners to conveniently pay for charging sessions or purchase in-car internet data directly through the app.

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