Loke Highlights Mavcom’s Role in Airport Facility Maintenance Amid PSC Revision

Transport Minister Anthony Loke has emphasised the role of the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom) in ensuring that airport operators maintain adequate facilities. Speaking after the signing of a new operating agreement between Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and the government, Loke stated that Mavcom monitors airport operators to ensure compliance with a set of criteria regarding airport facilities and maintenance. He highlighted that operators collecting the Passenger Service Charge (PSC) must meet these criteria and that Mavcom would take action against those that do not.

Loke addressed concerns about airport facilities in relation to revenue generated through the PSC, which was revised on March 13. He clarified that while there was no real increase in the PSC, rates for Asean nations and international destinations had been standardized. Previously, there was a lower rate for destinations within Asean. The revised rates, effective from June 1 to Dec 31, 2026, set the PSC at RM73 for international travel from KLIA and RM50 from KLIA2 and other airports, with the domestic departure PSC remaining at RM11 at all airports except Senai International Airport.

The minister emphasized that PSC is the primary revenue stream for operators to maintain and manage airports. He highlighted the high costs involved in developing and operating airports, including paying bills and wages, and stated that revenue from PSC is necessary to support the entire airport ecosystem.

Loke witnessed the signing of the agreement between MAHB and the government, extending MAHB’s operation of 39 airports and short take-off and landing ports (STOLports) until 2069. He noted that MAHB now has the flexibility to invest in capacity building and upgrading airports, addressing challenges such as the lack of development allocations from the government. Loke emphasized the importance of periodic upgrades for smaller airports within the network.

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