Motul 12 Hours of Sepang: A Deep-Rooted Dedication to Motorsports

Motul Asia Pacific recently excited the motorsports world with its exhilarating showcase of speed, skill, and endurance at the Motul 12 Hours of Sepang endurance race, held at the Sepang International Circuit from March 15th to 16th, 2023. Stepping up from being the official Lubricant Partner to Title Sponsor for the second consecutive year, Motul solidified its commitment to Malaysia’s dynamic automotive community while demonstrating its deep-rooted dedication to motorsports.

The event brought together 17 teams comprising Asia’s finest drivers across three categories, pushing their limits in the challenging Asian climate. Motul’s sponsorship not only underscored its passion for motorsports but also highlighted its support for Malaysia’s automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Motul curated exclusive engagement activities for over 170 key customers, offering pit tours with the Malaysia-based Viper Niza Racing team and technical training sessions comparing track and road products. A highlight was the presentation on Motul’s innovative CACE (Chemical, Additive, Care, and Essential) product range, showcasing the brand’s cutting-edge capabilities. Additionally, a presentation by Scantrust highlighted Motul’s commitment to product traceability and anti-counterfeit measures.

Ravi Shankar, Motul Malaysia’s Country Manager, emphasised the event’s theme “Accelerate as One” and Motul’s dedication to fostering a sense of community among customers. He reiterated Motul’s focus on growth and becoming the preferred choice for synthetic lubricant oil in Malaysia.

As the title sponsor, Motul’s logo adorned all 17 cars, reinforcing the brand’s strong presence and support. Mazryianto Bin Mahadzir from Yano Auto Parts and Bryan Chan from Promote Auto Care expressed gratitude for Motul’s commitment to knowledge sharing and customer value creation.

Carlo Savoca, Motul Asia Pacific’s Chief Marketing Officer, shared Motul’s optimism towards supporting more motorsports events in Southeast Asia, highlighting motorsports as a crucial platform for innovative product development.

As the Motul 12 Hours of Sepang concluded, Motul looks forward to continuing its journey of innovation, excellence, and collaboration within Malaysia’s automotive landscape, cementing its position as a driving force in the industry.

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