Malaysian motorists are fortunate to have pump prices for petrol (excluding RON97) subsidized by the government. It is a costly exercise for the government, especially if global oil prices go up. For this reason, there are plans to stop the blanket subsidies for RON 95 petrol and biodiesel and only provide fuel subsidies for those really needing assistance.

This will mean that pump prices will rise and motorists will have to start thinking about driving more economically if they want to moderate running costs. But besides driving more economically and not wasting fuel unnecessarily, there’s also the choice of petrol that they can make to go further on each litre.

With the New + Improved Shell FuelSave 95, there is the claim that the range on a full fuel tank can be extended a further 15 kms. It’s interesting that Shell Malaysia uses this approach and it is based on test runs in Malaysian conditions with more than 6 vehicles which were driven a cumulative distance of over 10,000 kms each.


Today, Euro5 diesel is available to motorists nationwide, enabling them to run on a cleaner, high-quality fuel that is not only good for the engine but also for the environment. But prior to this day (November 12) in 2014, the fuel was only up to the Euro2 standard which was significantly less environment friendly. However, due to the controls that the government have on the petroleum industry and also the higher costs, the upgrading of fuel standards was slow.

The upgrading of standards was important because the newer generation of diesel engines requires fuel of better quality with much lower levels of sulphur. Furthermore, Singapore had become stricter on the exhaust emissions of commercial vehicles and as a great number cross over from Malaysia daily to deliver goods, the transport industry also needed to have better fuel.

The first company to make the decision to provide Euro5 diesel was Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd, which markets the BHPetrol brand of fuels and lubricants. After discussions with the government which was supportive of the move, the company began to supply Infiniti Euro5 diesel to a few stations in Johor. This was to quickly address the issue for the lorry operators going to Singapore.


For decades, Malaysians have known only petroleum brands such as Shell, Esso, Mobil, Caltex, Mobil and BP. In more recent times, BHPetrol came on the scene, acquiring the previous BP station network while Petron took over the network of Esso and Mobil stations.

The petroleum industry is closely regulated by the government, so the entry of new players is not a frequent thing although there is also a brand known as Buraqoil in Langkawi. Recently, a new fuel company player started operations with its first station opened in Kalumpang, Selangor.

FIVE Petroleum

The new brand is known as FIVE and is distributed by Five Petroleum Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Which is described as a ‘unified energy company’. FIVE brand is introducing its own fuel called Ultimaxx which is supplied by Petronas.

According to Dato’ Haji Juhari Bin Abdul Ghani, Chairman of Five Petroleum Malaysia, the company aims to meet Malaysia’s growing demand for fuel in ways that are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. “We also want to help Malaysia reach its next milestone in development,” he added.

FIVE Petroleum

FIVE received a licence for the business from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry early this year and managing the retail side is the Seng Group, which began as a Mobil station operator in Mentakab, Pahang almost 50 years ago. The experienced company aims to create new enterprise opportunities for all Malaysians by lowering the entry requirements for would-be petrol station operators. This means stations can be opened in more remote areas, bringing much-needed fuel supply to more locations around the country.


FIVE fuel stations will incorporate next-generation technology and innovation that offers hassle-free transactions in a small scale (which also benefits those who wish to open and run their own petrol stations in the future). This includes cashless payment facilities, a consumer loyalty program, and a convenience store known as Woo! Mart.


It’s that time of the week again folks, the weekly petrol price announcement. Well the good news is that after a hike last week, it’s status quo for Petrol, however, Diesel will be up by 1 sen.

As such, here’s the price of fuel for the following week, 26th Jan to 1st Feb 2019.

  • RON 95 – RM1.98 per litre (no change)
  • RON 97 – RM2.28 per litre (no change)
  • Diesel – RM2.18 per litre (+ 1 sen)

Prices will be in effect from 12.01am 26th Jan to midnight on 1st Feb.

Starting midnight tonight, both RON95 & RON97 Petrol will be cheaper by 1 sen, while the price of Diesel will rise by 1 sen as well. As such, here are the retail prices for fuel from 12th Jan to 18th Jan 2019:

  • RON 95 – RM1.92 per litre (- 1 sen)
  • RON 97 – RM2.22 per litre (- 1 sen)
  • Diesel – RM2.05 per litre (+ 1 sen)

New prices take effect at 12.01am on 12/1 and will be in effect until midnight 18/1.

31 cents. Yup, that’s how much less RON 97 will be come 1st Dec 2018. So drive frugally for the next few hours! From RM2.81 per litre, RON 97 will be only RM2.50 per litre tomorrow. Here are the official prices for fuel from 1st to 31st Dec 2018:

  • RON 95 = RM2.20 per litre (no change)

  • RON 97 = RM2.50 per litre (less 31 sen)

  • Diesel = RM2.18 per litre (no change)


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