2021 BMW iNEXT

BMW iNEXT undergoes extreme testing conditions in Africa

On its way to being ready for production, the BMW iNEXT is completing additional vehicle testing under particularly demanding conditions. Intensive test runs in the freezing cold at the polar circle are now being followed by a contrasting program in the Kalahari in southern Africa. In addition to extreme heat and solar radiation, permanent dust […]

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Maserati Innovation Lab

Maserati allows the world to look inside its top secret Innovation Lab

Some of the most secret areas in a car company are those where future products are planned and new technologies developed. These are the R&D facilities where, in some cases, even the employees are subjected to security checks every day. At one company, they are allowed to bring in handphones but these must be very […]

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Jaguar Design

Behind The Scenes at Jaguar’s new Design Studio

The new Jaguar Design Studio at the company’s redeveloped Design and Engineering Centre in the UK lay claim to being the most technologically advanced design studio in the world. Built around a ‘Heart Space’, it puts people at the centre of the design journey, supporting a seamless workflow between creative and engineering teams. How Jaguar […]

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China Eco-Car Assessment Program makes Geely work harder at attacking NVH

New car assessment programs (NCAPs) in most countries focus mainly on safety which is a high priority to consumers these days. Since the 1970s, these NCAPs – which typically include crash tests that provide data for analysis and evaluation – have constantly evolved and set tougher demands. Although passing them is not required by government […]

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GA-B – Another variant of Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA)

Ever since the 1990s, when increasingly intense competition forced carmakers to bring their production costs down as much as possible, one of the approaches taken was to create common platforms which could be used for a variety of models. Before, each model might have its own platform with unique or different parts and systems but […]

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