Mercedes-Benz C 111

FEATURE – When Mercedes-Benz also had a rotary-engined sportscar

Although most people only came to know about the rotary engine in the 1970s, Felix Wankel, who developed it, had received a patent in Germany as far back as 1929 and produced a working prototype at NSU (which would later become part of Audi) in 1957. The rotary engine was uniquely different from the reciprocating […]

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VW’s ID. SPACE VIZZION shows the stationwagon will continue to exist in the electric age

It’s been 3 years since Volkswagen announced its ID. family of all-electric models which will begin entering various markets and segments from 2020. As a group (including other brand such as Audi and Skoda), Volkswagen will forge ahead with the fundamental change of system in individual mobility and systematically aligning with electric drives. The ID.3 […]

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Mustang Lithium 2019

900 horsepower Mustang Lithium shows that musclecars can still exist in an electrified future

It used to be when the talk was of electric vehicles, the perception was that such vehicles would be slow and boring to drive. Apart from some exotic prototypes, most were small and with battery technology being what it was, they couldn’t go very fast or very far. But that’s been changing quickly as carmakers […]

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Prototype Nissan EV shows how electric car performance will move up to the next level

Nissan, which can claim leadership in mass-produced electric vehicles (EVs) with its bestselling LEAF, has long experience with EVs. Though we only read about its advances in recent times, it had a running electric car called the Tama in the late 1940s which was used as a taxi. But EVs in those days had poor […]

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Toyota LQ Concept can bond with drivers emotionally?

Toyota Motor Corporations has announced the “LQ”, a concept vehicle that has the advanced ability to build an ‘emotional bond’ between car and driver. That’s right, the next-generation Toyota “Concept-I” comes ready with automated driving capabilities and “Yui”, Toyota’s next-level AI that can learn from the driver and deliver a personalised mobility experience.

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Final testing for first Aston Martin SUV before December launch

Aston Martin has confirmed that its first SUV – the DBX – will be launched in December this year. That’s just a little over 3 months away and the engineers are busy completing what is described as the most comprehensive test regime of any Aston Martin. Extensive everyday real-world driving and high-performance track evaluation has […]

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2019 Hyundai 45 EV Concept

45 EV Concept defines Hyundai Motor’s Future through Heritage

In 1974, Hyundai Motor launched a model called the Pony which was South Korea’s first mass-produced model. Regarded as a ‘national car’ in its domestic market, the Pony also spearheaded exports of Korean vehicles to many countries. As homage to its heritage and reimagined for the future, the carmaker’s designers have come up with a […]

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Audi AI:TRAIL quattro

Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro brings autonomous driving to off-road travels

Audi has completed its quartet of visionary vehicles with an electric off-roader for the future of road transport with the AI:TRAIL quattro. The 4-seater concept car, which combines automated driving capability with competent off-road capabilities, joins the Aicon, AI:ME, AI:RACE concepts shown earlier. With the AI:TRAIL, Audi is now opening up the potential applications for […]

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Mercedes-Benz VISION EQS,

VISION EQS shows future large luxury electric saloon design

Even though the new Mercedes-Benz EQ brand is in its infancy and the first models are just making their appearance, the carmaker is already showing what’s ahead in mobility, progress and sustainable luxury. This is because Mercedes-Benz understands that two things are timeless: the need for transport and the desire for the very special. In […]

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Pininfarina PURA Vision

Automobili Pininfarina reveals PURA Vision – a future pure-electric Luxury Utility Vehicle concept

Flanked by classic Pininfarina-designed cars and inspired by Pininfarina’s purity of design and engineering elegance, Automobili Pininfarina recently presented the Battista hypercar and the company’s future vision for luxury electric cars at the Monterey Car Week in California. Besides the presentation by CEO Michael Perschke of the Battista with its enhanced front design  and his […]

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