Hyundai Motor shows creative approach to recycling of automotive materials

Motor vehicles can last a long time but at some point, they will be scrapped and depending on what processes are available, the various parts that were assembled together to form the vehicle will be removed and can  be recycled, typically, plastic and metal items as well as batteries and tyres. With Re:Style 2020, Hyundai […]

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Battery pack

Honda aims to find a ‘second life’ for hybrid/EV battery packs

The lead-acid batteries in motor vehicles have been around for many decades and because they are made from elements that can be recycled, there is an established ‘business’ in collecting and recycling batteries. Even the guy who collects old newspapers will take them as the lead, plastics and even the sulphuric acid can also be […]

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How plastic bottles provide Audi with seat upholstery for the new A3

Use of recycled materials in car parts has gone on for a long time as carmakers have tried to contribute to sustainable manufacturing processes. However, cost has also to be considered and with new technologies, recycling processes have been cost-effective enough to use. Many disused items are recycled – from old jeans to coffee beans […]

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Ford recycling coffee

Your future Ford will have parts made from coffee bean skins!

Ford Motor Company has long been making car parts from discarded materials that can be recycled. In one example, old jeans were used as sound insulation material for the first generation of the Focus. Besides plastic bottles, recycled resins are used for various other parts, supporting the company’s sustainability agenda. Now, working with McDonald’s in […]

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