Mazda Rotary Pick-up

LOOKING BACK: When Mazda made the first and only rotary pick-up truck in the world

The history of the Mazda BT-50 goes back over 50 years and along the way, in the mid-1970s, the carmaker developed and sold the first and only production pick-up truck with a rotary engine. As is well known, Mazda was the only company that successfully commercialised the rotary engine (also known as the Wankel engine) […]

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Mazda starts 100th anniversary celebrations in Hiroshima

Mazda today celebrated its 100th anniversary with a ceremony at its Hiroshima headquarters that starts a year of events during which the company will remember its past and look to the future. 100 years ago, Mazda was not a car-producer but was a producer of cork in Hiroshima. It was when Jujiro Matsuda, an industrialist, […]

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Mercedes-Benz C 111

FEATURE – When Mercedes-Benz also had a rotary-engined sportscar

Although most people only came to know about the rotary engine in the 1970s, Felix Wankel, who developed it, had received a patent in Germany as far back as 1929 and produced a working prototype at NSU (which would later become part of Audi) in 1957. The rotary engine was uniquely different from the reciprocating […]

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