Works Minister Malaysia

Under the Madani framework, the Works Ministry (KKR) will start a nationwide campaign focusing on road infrastructure safety and accompanying equipment, such as lamps and signage.

The programme will also include attempts to address additional problems with road equipment in addition to the primary problem of damaged or pothole-filled roads.

In Malaysia, the issue of potholed roads, infrastructural issues, issues with lamps, and issues with signs are nothing new. Nanta Linggi, the works minister, stated that road users routinely raise this issue to the media and on social media. This is one of the things he has been underlining to everyone in the ministry ever since he set foot in the KKR.

In order to track potholes on federal roads in Peninsular Malaysia using an app for smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, JKR also developed a pothole monitoring application system (ASaPP) in 2021. Any complaints regarding pothole repairs will be recorded in the ASaPP system, which is accessible to all parties concerned, and any discovered potholes will be promptly repaired and reported there.

Further details on the campaign will soon be available.

According to Works Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi, the federal government does not intend to acquire current highway concessionaires in order to eliminate tolls.

This is because such takeovers were not currently possible because of the serious financial consequences. When the country’s financial and fiscal circumstances allow, the government will, however, take another look at such a suggestion.



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