Proton In 2018 – Part 17: We Get To View The New Proton X70 LIVE! [+Video]

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As promised, slightly over a month after showing their new SUV to the Malaysian media at a static preview, PROTON have released more details about the Proton X70 through a second more in-depth media preview today! This second round of previews for the first co-developed vehicle by Geely and PROTON concentrated exclusively on the Integrated Cockpit Information System (GKUI), which will offer owners multiple user functions via apps as well as the option to stay connected to the car via their mobile device. Here’s our first impression following the first viewing of the static launch model today!

(NB: NO photography or any recording whatsoever was allowed during this media preview, so these are just my first-impression thoughts on the Proton X70 – Chris Wee, Editor

Additional Points: Proton X70 is equipped with a 1.8-litre engine producing 135kW (184bhp), Hill Start Assist, Hill Descent Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Warning Assist, Blind-Spot Warning, Lane-Departure Warning, 360-deg All-Round camera, Rear View Camera, High-Beam Assist (automatically dips the high-beam if an oncoming car is detected), Park Distance Assist w/Guide Lines & Audible Warning. Claimed Combined Fuel Consumption 8.0L /100km.

Hosting the media exclusive event was Dr Li Chunrong, Chief Executive Officer PROTON, Dato’ Radzaif Mohamed, Deputy Chief Executive Officer PROTON, and senior management members of PROTON who explained the features of the GKUI and answered queries relating to the highly anticipated SUV.

Voice Commands allow you to ‘talk’ to your X70 to perform basic functions like switching on the radio, A/C, lowering the windows, opening the sunroof, as well as finding restaurants, ATMs, petrol, etc.

A car that connects users to the world…
Featuring an embedded eSIM card, the GKUI in the Proton X70 is preloaded with five apps offering services such as online radio, online music, navigation, weather forecasts and voice recognition. Access to the apps and other car functions is via an 8-inch Android based touchscreen interface featuring a 1280 x 720 full colour display with 16GB of internal memory space. The system also has Wi-Fi connectivity so the X70 can be used as a mobile hotspot.

To fully exploit the connectivity capabilities, owners can pair their cars with their personal mobile device via Proton Link and use an individual ID that is assigned to every buyer. They can then create a profile of their driving thanks to the on board telematics that will record data such as distance travelled, fuel economy, journey times and even keep track of service intervals. There is also a ‘find my car’ function that will be particularly useful when parking in huge and unfamiliar parking complexes.

If you’re familiar with using a ‘Smartphone’ (who isn’t), the X70’s functions are incredibly easy to operate, and looks good too, with switchable wallpapers and moveable icons. Software updates are free and ‘over-the-air’

“The GKUI system in the Proton X70 allows owners to stay almost constantly connected to their car. It’s an active two-way system that allows for multiple options to fit the preferences of individual owners. In the future, the ability to download additional apps will also be offered and just like mobile devices, it means no two cars will be exactly alike,” said Abdul Rashid Musa, Chief Executive Officer of Proton Edar.

Display changes colour from Blue (normal), Green (eco) & Red (sport) according to chosen driving mode; fully digital, it shows different readings including the pressure in each tyre (TPM)

Because it runs on an Android operating system, the GKUI offers Android mobile device users full mirroring capabilities. That means apps owners have on their device can be accessed on the Proton X70’s touchscreen thus offering yet more connectivity possibilities. Apple OS user won’t be able to do the same though they will be able to connect to the X70 via Bluetooth to access telephone and contact list functions.

Definitely very Range Rover Evoque-ish from the back, especially with that tapered window-line, X70 size is comparable to a Honda CR-V…

Voice recognition allows true hands free operation…
True hands free operation of a number of functions on the Proton X70 is now possible thanks to advanced voice recognition software that allows the use of spoken commands. Access to the system is granted when an owner utters the phrase ‘Hi Proton’ which opens up a variety of choices that can be controlled simply by speaking a command. This includes operating the windows and air conditioning system and even accessing the navigation app to look for places to eat nearby.

9-speaker ICE system including a sub-woofer “as big as a spare tyre” in the back, plus 6 USB chargers can be found throughout the X70. Pictured Nappa Leather seats option only available in the premium variant…

“The Proton X70 is the first Proton model to use voice recognition technology, which is something we think our owners will appreciate. Hundreds of voice samples were recorded for each phrase to ensure the system would have a high degree of accuracy even when you take dialects into account. For ease of use, the GKUI will also type out each spoken phrase on the screen to confirm each command. Currently, the GKUI offers voice recognition for English phrases only as there are software limitations but we have ensured the phrases it recognises are easy to use even for owners who are not fluent speakers of the language,” added Abdul Rashid.

Why on earth is there a hidden USB port behind the rear-view mirror? Well, in case you want to install a dash-cam later of course. Why hasn’t anyone else thought of this?

Online bookings for X70 to begin soon…
In line with the high technology image of its first SUV, PROTON will be activating an online booking function on its website on 17 October 2018. Customers who are interested to place a booking for the Proton X70 will be able to book and pay a deposit for their order online, thus making it incredibly convenient for those who don’t have the time to physically visit a PROTON 3S and 4S outlet.
“We want to make it as easy as possible for Malaysians to book a Proton X70 so we think this is a step in that direction. To promote our new channel, we will run a promotion for three days from the date the function goes live, where those who place a booking for the Proton X70 will also receive special gifts,” said Abdul Rashid.

For the Proton X70 Colour Options, click to download this: ProtonX70Variant_ColourOptions

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