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Mazda will make 1,100 restoration parts for the NA MX-5 Miata

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Many people who own a Mazda MX-5 Miata keep it for a long time. It’s the sort of car that comes into your life and you never want to part with it because of the pleasure it gives everytime you are behind the wheel.

Typical of Japanese cars, the MX-5 has not been a difficult car to maintain but after 30 years, some parts of the first generation NA model would be worn out and need replacement. For enthusiasts, the search for replacement parts becomes a weekend pursuit. Thankfully, with the internet, it is possible now to order parts online from other countries where stockists may still have them, or from specialists who fabricate them.

Understanding that there are many owners of the very first generation who need replacement parts, Mazda will now make Restoration Parts Program for the model. Generally, carmakers are obliged to offer replacements parts for up to 10 years after production of a model stops but now Mazda is going to produce some 1,100 parts for those who want to restore a model it produced 30 years ago.

1990 Mazda MX-5

As a fan-first brand, Mazda consulted specialty shops and Miata clubs to better understand which restoration parts were needed most. The parts will be made in Japan and while they will have the perfect fit and finish of those that were sold in the 1990s (as well as the look and feel of that era), Mazda says it will also use modern manufacturing techniques that will produce higher quality than what was possible before.

One example: a newly developed fabric soft top that uses the same rear screen material from the original version. Enkei Wheels is reproducing aluminium wheels designed like the original, but through current technologies so that it will be lighter and with a more protected finish. Essential in the maintenance of almost any classic MX-5, many moving parts – from the roller for the side windows to the brake piston caliper – that are likely in need of replacement will be offered.

Mazda MX-5 Enkei wheel 1991

“There is a pure feeling of joy when it comes to driving a Miata, of any generation,” said Masahiro Moro, Chairman & CEO of Mazda North American Operations. “Our unique Jinba-Ittai – ‘horse and rider as one’ – engineering philosophy has allowed for the engaging and exhilarating driving dynamic that has remained constant over the years, helping make the Miata an important vehicle for the brand and our fans. By helping prolong the life of MX-5 NA models, Mazda is committed to supporting the roadster culture and looks forward to seeing these historic vehicles on the road – and on the track – for years to come.”

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