McLaren Elva joins LEGO Speed Champions series

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The Elva is a very exclusive model from McLaren – only 149 units are being built and the first customers will receive their cars towards the end of this year. You too can have one in your home – and 6 months earlier than the first owner – as the newest collaboration between the supercar maker and LEGO  sees the launch of the Speed Champions McLaren Elva this month. You’ll also pay a lot less as the car is priced at £17.99 (about RM105) on, LEGO stores, and other retailers globally.

“As a forward-thinking luxury brand, it is important to us at McLaren Automotive that who we work with reflects and echoes our passion for innovation and technology and also the value that we place around inspiring future generations through great design. This is why the collaboration between McLaren and the LEGO Group is such a natural fit, with both brands using creativity and learning to inspire and develop the builders and engineers of tomorrow,” said Gareth Dunsmore, Chief Marketing Officer at McLaren Automotive.

The LEGO version of the Elva and the full-sized model (below).

McLaren Elva

Close cooperation from conception stage
The LEGO team worked closely with McLaren to create the model right from conception of the idea when the real Elva was still in early development, all the way through the design process. They received initial sketches and early digital renders of the car, which is why it is already in the market before the real car.

Inspired by the lightest and most innovative McLaren supercar yet, this latest model offers those who build it a different from of enjoyment from the driver engagement and ultimate driving enjoyment the full-size Elva will give its owner. The LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Elva measures over 4 cm high, 16 cm long and 7 cm wide.

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Authentic detailing
The Elva has no roof, windscreen or windows (although there will be a variant with a windscreen), making for an unforgettable driving experience like that of being on a motorcycle. Its Active Air Management System (AAMS) uses aerodynamics to control the airflow, creating a ‘bubble’ around the occupants and sheltering them from the blast of the oncoming wind.

Just like the real thing, the 263-piece LEGO set comes with a wide chassis, incorporating the 2-seat open cockpit, and authentic detailing including the AAMS vents that make the Elva so innovative and unique.

Also included in the kit is a McLaren driver minifigure, complete with racing suit, helmet and wrench, inspired by McLaren Automotive’s Principal Development Engineer for the Ultimate Series, Rachel Brown. Rachel has worked on incredible vehicle projects like the McLaren Senna GTR, and also supported the design and creation of the LEGO Technic McLaren Senna GTR released in January this year.

Her role follows McLaren Ultimate Series models, including the Elva, all the way from concept to production and managing elements such as track and aerodynamic wind tunnel testing.

“It is amazing to have witnessed the Elva go from a boundary-pushing concept drawing all the way to final vehicle production. It feels even more special now to see all of that hard work transformed into the LEGO Speed Champions Elva model for us to share with children and fans across the world,” she said.

Senna GTR from the LEGO Technic series

McLaren adds a windscreen to the Elva

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