Vehicles Damaged By Falling Trees In Selangor

According to reports online, several vehicles in Damansara Damai, Jalan Ipoh and Sungai Buloh were damaged by falling trees due to the downpours that have been occurring lately.

According to Selangor Fire and Rescue Department director Morni Mamat, 15 fallen trees were reported that affected six vehicles that were parked by the roadside.

He went on to mention that the incidents occurred at 4:19am on Tuesday (21/3) and personnel from the Sungai Buloh, Kota Anngerik, Damansara and Rawang fire and rescue stations had to be deployed to the scene.

This is another lesson in why we should be wary about where we park our cars. During these rainy season, it would be best to not park under trees or other objects that have a risk of damaging cars. Falling trees are not just the only problem but birds with stomach issues that tend to flock to the trees will affect the paint jobs of your car over the long run.

The only upside about this incident is that there were no casualties reported. This is why it is utterly important to ensure that you include add-on coverage for your motor vehicle insurance policy. It does include additional charges but there are those add-ons that are worth getting rather than you burning a hole in your pocket when an incident like this occurs.