All-New Lexus LM Premieres At Auto Shanghai 2023

Lexus has revealed the next generation of its ultra luxurious, fit for a royal, LM minivan. The “Luxury Mover” which is what the LM monicker stands for, is set to launch in over 60 countries, including in Europe and UK for the very first time.

The Toyota-owned brand launched its first LM in 2020 as a response to customer aspirations for chauffeur-driven MPVs in China and other parts of Asia. It offered both 4-seat and 7-seat configurations.

Exterior Design

The exterior of the LM follows the Lexus design language which includes the vehicle’s lines reflecting function and dynamic performance. The front design further evolves the Spindle Body similar to the new Lexus RX.

The revised design is better integrated by reducing the space between the surrounding components and the body, which improves aerodynamic performance, cooling performance, and manoeuvrability.

The new Lexus LM has dimensions of 5,125 mm in length, 1,890 mm in width, and 1,955 mm in height, with a 3,000 mm wheelbase. The revised exterior measurements indicate an increase in length of 85 mm, width of 40 mm, and height of 10 mm, while the wheelbase is unchanged from the previous model.

Through the use of braces on the radiator support and rear underfloor, a straight rocker structure, and reinforcement of the quarter pillars, the chassis’ torsional rigidity has been increased by 50% higher than that of the outgoing model, resulting in an improvement in ride comfort. Vibration is also lessened by the application of structural glue on both the floor and the upper body.

Interestingly, the “AVS Suspension with Frequency-Sensitive Piston Valve” system, is a first for Lexus. It combines an Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) actuator and a frequency-sensitive piston valve in the shock absorber. An emphasis on rear-seat comfort is possible thanks to a new “Rear Comfort” drive mode. Rear-seat comfort is given priority in the AVS’s dampening force characteristics, and the integrated management of the brake and gas pedal minimises posture changes during acceleration and deceleration.

Interior Design

By utilising the spacious interior height of the car and offering an open, pleasant area with a seamless design characterised by crisp horizontal and vertical lines, the goal was to create a relaxed, lounge-like ambience.

The Lexus Tazuna Cockpit design is integrated into the front seats’ contemporary and roomy cabin, which is supplemented with a straightforward instrument panel and console that allow the driver to focus on the road.

It comes in either a 2-row with 4 seats or a 3-row with 6 or 7 seats. To guarantee a naturally calm condition, passenger body movements were carefully examined during the seat construction process.

No matter how much G-force is generated during turning, the front seats optimise surface pressure distribution on the seat cushion to support the body. The objective is to create a comfortable driving environment and comfortable seats that reduce driver fatigue. Perfect for a long drive!

The 4-seat model improves privacy and personalization by including a partition in front of the back seats that has been fitted with a stunning 48-inch wide-screen display. While providing a clear forward vision, a retractable glass barrier above the display divides the front and rear compartments, and assist grips make entry and exit simple.

While considerable care has been taken to keep the panel gaps between components to a minimum, the speakers, refrigerator, storage compartments, and other functions are integrated into the design aspects.

Every interior element has been created to minimise visual noise, resulting in a comfortable setting for all passengers. The side window furnishings are also straightforward rectangles. Large independent seats that gently enclose the body are also provided with the intention of immediately releasing the body and mind via comfort. Who needs a bed when you can just sleep in this?

The interior hues evoke an elegant, modern atmosphere consistent with this fresh take on luxury. Black has grey tone gradations all over, whereas Solis White has copper accents on the surroundings. A subtle pattern is also used to finish the neat, rectangular door trim.

Indirect lighting not only brings out the beauty of the materials and designs used within, but it also fosters a calm environment. 64 illumination colours are offered, including 50 bespoke colours that can be chosen based on choice and 14 themed colours. Themes like “soothing” or “relaxing” are associated with each colour scheme, and passengers can select the colour scheme that best suits their state of mind or goal.

An ideal interior atmosphere for passengers is made possible with the “Rear Climate Concierge,” a first for Lexus that offers integrated control of things like air conditioning, seat adjustment, sunshades, and lighting. In addition to the four pre-programmed modes, the passengers can choose from a variety of configurable settings.

The rear multi-operation panel is a removable touch-screen controller that may be used to individually manage the seats, lighting, and audio as well as a number of rear-seat features, such as the “Rear Climate Concierge”. For the left and right passengers’ convenience, two controllers are situated on the console armrests of the second-row seats.

The 4-seat model is designed for dedicated use as a chauffeur-driven MPV. The front and back seats are separated by a partition. A retractable glass window with a dimming feature is included in the upper half, providing two levels of privacy without sacrificing an open sense.

A sizable 48-inch widescreen display is shown below. It can be utilised for a range of activities, such as online meetings and entertainment. Under the display is a refrigerator and storage areas.

Only the 4-seater model’s back seats have separate chairs. In comparison to the previous model, the ottoman’s range of extension and retraction has been enhanced while still leaving enough space between it and the partition.

Another first for Lexus is heated ottomans and armrests. Furthering this, a specialised rear seat Warmth-Sensing IR (Infrared) Matrix Sensor situated on the upper centre piece of the partition measures the temperature of passengers as well as vehicle components like the windows, trim, and ceiling that have an impact on the ambient temperature.

The technology that is integrated calculates how warm or cold the occupant feels in their face, chest, thighs, and lower legs, and controls the air conditioning and seat heaters simultaneously to keep the interior of the car at a pleasant temperature at all times.

A tablet or laptop computer can be placed on the retractable table, which is big enough to fit inside the armrest. It boasts a better-textured, leather-wrapped surface with a non-slip, scratch-resistant finish.

Safety and Technology Enhancements

In keeping with the ultimate objective of a mobility society—”zero fatalities and injuries from traffic accidents”—Lexus keeps enhancing its safety technology.

Lexus Safety System + is now available in the new LM. The system offers Proactive Driving Assist, which provides appropriate driving support in accordance with driving conditions, and optimal vehicle control by integrating with the driver monitor, in accordance with the driver’s operating conditions. These features help customers drive safely and confidently.

Enhanced Safety Features:

  • Pre-crash safety (PCS)
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (with all-speed follow function)
  • Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
  • Abnormal Driver Response System
  • Proactive Driving Assist (PDA)


Other than announcing that the new LM will be offered in two hybrid configurations—a 2.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid and a 2.5-litre four-cylinder hybrid—Lexus has yet to release the complete powertrain details.

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