The HiPhi A: China’s Electrifying Triumph in High-Performance EVs

In the dynamic realm of electric vehicles (EVs), China’s automotive prowess takes centre stage with the unveiling of the HiPhi A. While brands like Rimac and Tesla have set the pace for high-performance EVs, the HiPhi A promises a spectacle that eclipses its counterparts. Let’s be honest here, the HiPhi A is definitely one of the best-looking EV supercars, besides the Rimac Nevera.

Building upon the foundation laid by the HiPhi Z liftback sedan revealed by Human Horizons the previous year, the HiPhi A not only retains its predecessor’s structural essence but amplifies both power and visual impact. Transformed into a tri-motor powerhouse, the HiPhi A boasts a staggering 1,287hp, distributing its formidable might among all four wheels – a leap that nearly doubles the power of the dual-motor Z.

The HiPhi A, equipped with a single rear motor and dual fronts, achieves the 0 to 100km/h sprint in just over 2 seconds. This not only positions the A as a formidable contender but also challenges the acceleration prowess of the Tesla Model S Plaid, which claims a 1.99-second dash to 100km/h. While the Plaid boasts a higher top speed at 320km/h compared to the A’s 300km/h, such velocities are often beyond the reach of everyday driving scenarios.

In collaboration with WESAIL New Energy Automotive, HiPhi elevates the A’s performance further with features like rear-wheel steering, adaptive damping, and torque-vectoring capabilities. The result is a 15 per cent improvement in cornering performance and a 10 per cent boost in braking efficiency compared to its less extreme counterpart, the Z. The already striking exterior of the HiPhi A receives additional enhancements, including a prominent rear wing, broader wheels and tires, matte paint, and generous use of carbon fibre trim.

While details regarding pricing and the model’s potential availability remain undisclosed, prospective buyers can anticipate a premium cost comparable to that of the Porsche Taycan when the HiPhi A hits the market. The arrival of this electrifying powerhouse is sure to make waves and reshape expectations in the competitive landscape of high-performance electric vehicles.

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