Shell Malaysia Introduces Shell Cafe: The Ultimate One-Stop Centre

Shell Malaysia announces the official inauguration of Shell Café, introducing an immersive aromatic journey for consumers. Savour its signature farm-to-cup coffees and indulge in an extended, tempting array of delectable food options. This marks a significant milestone in Shell’s commitment to providing a rewarding experience for their customers.

Positioned as the preferred destination, Shell Café promises an integrated and customer-centric experience, offering not only fresh and appealing food and beverages but also a welcoming space for patrons to fulfil their refuelling requirements seamlessly while on the move.

Setting Shell Cafe apart is its unique coffee blend made from Arabica and Liberica beans, sourced and crafted in Malaysia. The rare Liberica beans, comprising less than 2% of global coffee production, promise a distinctive flavour, ensuring every cup of Shell Café coffee is worth stopping for.

Alongside must-have classics like Americano, Latte, and Cappuccino, Shell Café goes beyond with
special offerings such as Dirty Latte and Cokespresso and a range of refreshing ice-blended frappes.

Shell Café serves a wider variety of food, from salted egg pastas, gourmet sausages and convenience wraps, including meat-free options. For pastry lovers seeking a quick bite, Shell Café offers a range of snacks such as crowd favourites – firecracker sausage rolls, and chocolate rolls, to new offerings like curry puffs, almond croissants, scones, and cakes.

With an extensive network of over 800 Shell Select stores nationwide, offering a diverse range from pastries to vehicle-related products and services, Shell’s commitment remains steadfast—to
ensure Shell stations serve as the ultimate one-stop centre for all customer needs.

Shell also announced the opening of 80 Shell Café sites by year-end and looking ahead to 2024, they aim to expand to 150 Shell Cafe’s.

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