Volvo’s new technology offers premium air quality inside the car

For those who want premium air quality in the premium cars they travel in, Volvo’s new Advanced Air Cleaner technology can satisfy that expectation. The technology is a world-first premium to provide Volvo drivers with clean and healthy air inside their cars and also clean the air of their cabin ahead of their journey. While […]

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Proton X70 N95 filter

Cleaner cabin environment in Proton X70 with use of N95 filter

Besides using its R&D and production facilities to produce face shields for the frontliners in hospitals helping to treat COVID-19 patients, Proton has also turned its attention to improving the air quality in the cabin of its cars. Even in ‘good’ times, the air around us has pollutants from exhaust fumes, haze, etc. While most […]

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Geely Healthy Car

Geely Auto looks at ‘passenger safety’ from a different perspective, aims to make cars ‘healthier’

‘Passenger safety’ in a motor vehicle would be expected to relate to protection during accidents and perhaps the way interior features are designed so as not to cause injuries. Some examples would be the shape of switches and how they project from the dashboard and the type of materials used in areas where the head […]

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