Aston Martin DB12

The recently unveiled DB12 Volante is a testimony to Aston Martin’s reputation for producing stylish convertibles. Now, the DB12 drop-top model debuts three months after its coupe counterpart, sacrificing the V12 option of the DB11 Volante in exchange for a fresh exterior and an updated interior with modern electronics.

We recently got to witness the DB12 coupe’s debut here in Malaysia and now, it already has an open-top variant. The Volante maintains the distinctive fabric reclining roof of its predecessors, appealing to aficionados who like driving in the open air. Notably, when the top is tucked away under the hard tonneau cover, revealing the luxurious inside materials and emphasising the attractive tail, the convertible has even more alluring proportions than the coupe.


Aston Martin Malaysia has officially launched, the DB12. Touted as the world’s first “super tourer”, the DB12 made its global debut back in May of this year in commemoration of the legendary DB model line’s 75th anniversary.

It is presented with the panache for which Aston Martin is renowned, fusing 75 years of DB legacy with segment-defining proportions fit for the first super tourer in history.

The brand-new front end includes a bigger, redesigned radiator aperture, a reshaped splitter, and a track that is 6 mm wider up front and 22 mm wider at the back. Stylish new Daytime Running Lamp (DRL) trademark headlights with ornate surface details made of Light Emitting Diode (LED).

If you look closely at the nose of the beast, you will notice the most recent version of the iconic Aston Martin wings badge sitting on it. As the first sports car to have new wings, the DB12 represents the start of a fascinating new era. The new design is complemented by smaller, frameless wing mirrors that further improve the car’s aerodynamic profile. Presenting door knobs welcome guests into the new cabin and makes access easier.


Aston Martin has unveiled the new DB12. This new generation of the storied DB bloodline defines its own unique category by bringing about a fundamental shift in sports character and dynamic potential. The DB12 combines a thrilling driving experience with great refinement, cutting-edge technology, and elegant luxury. Aston Martin says this is the first Super Tourer in the world as being grand is insufficient.

Aston Martin will commemorate two major anniversaries in 2023 with the introduction of the DB12: its momentous 110th birthday and the legendary DB model line’s 75th anniversary.



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