Auto Bavaria telah memperkenalkan inisiatif perintis sebagai pengedar pertama di Malaysia untuk menawarkan perkhidmatan khas untuk kenderaan BMW dan Mini yang telah mencapai Status Klasik di pusat pengedar Ara Damansara. Beroperasi pada 26 November 2023, tawaran servis serba baharu ini bertujuan memenuhi keperluan peminat kereta klasik.

Inisiatif ini sesungguhnya membuktikan komitmen Auto Bavaria untuk meneruskan legasi kenderaan-kenderaan yang tidak lenyap ditelan zaman. Kumpulan BMW mentakrifkan kereta klasik sebagai kenderaan yang telah melebihi umur 15 tahun dari tarikh siri pengeluaran terakhir model, yang lazimnya berlaku selepas kitaran hayat tujuh tahun model tersebut.


Auto Bavaria, a BMW and Mini dealership in Malaysia, has become the country’s first dealership to offer specialized services dedicated to BMW and Mini models that have achieved Classic Status. This initiative, commencing operations from November 26, 2023, aims to cater to the needs of classic car enthusiasts.

The service offering, located at Auto Bavaria’s Ara Damansara dealership, is designed for BMW and Mini classic cars defined by the BMW Group as those that have surpassed 15 years after the last series production date. The dedicated team at the Ara Damansara dealership includes two work bays, two skilled technicians, a foreman, and two service advisors.


BMW is taking a significant step in its electric vehicle (EV) lineup, and recent trademark applications suggest that the nomenclature for its forthcoming EVs will maintain simplicity. Notably, the electric 5 Series will adopt the straightforward moniker of the i5. Now, BMW is gearing up for the release of an electric M3, with a trademark application filed for the name “iM3” in Germany.

2023 BMW M3 CS5

While BMW had the option to follow its high-performance SUV naming convention, such as using “i3 M,” it appears the company is leaning towards the iM3 designation. Despite the potential pronunciation quirk in English, where it sounds like “I am three,” BMW has a history of unique nomenclature, evident in models like the i8.

BMW’s M division has been vocal about its commitment to electrification. It’s important to note that while the i4 M50 exists in the lineup, it falls under the M Performance category, not a full-fledged M Car.

Last summer, BMW disclosed its development of a four-motor powertrain, currently undergoing testing in the i4 M50. This advanced powertrain is expected to find its way into the upcoming electric M3, likely built on BMW’s new Neue Klasse platform.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse

As of now, BMW has not provided a specific timeline for the release of the electric M3 or the introduction of a new electric 3 Series. Expectations suggest a wait of at least a couple of years. However, if the recent trademark is any indication, the electric M3 might don the distinctive iM3 moniker when it finally hits the market.

BMW has officially introduced Level 3 highly automated driving technology in its new BMW 7 Series (excluding the i7 eDrive50 and i7 M70 xDrive). Named the BMW Personal Pilot L3, this advanced driving function enables drivers to momentarily disengage from the steering wheel and shift their attention away from the road under specific conditions. The system takes charge of crucial driving tasks, including speed control, maintaining safe distances from other vehicles, and precise lane positioning.

BMW enthusiasts can place orders for the BMW Personal Pilot L3 option starting December of this year, with installations expected to commence in March of the following year. Priced at 6,000 euros (RM30k), this cutting-edge technology will initially be available exclusively in Germany.


BMW Malaysia unveiled its First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 at the Premium Auto Care Expo (PACE) 2023. This launch marked a remarkable conclusion to the year, showcasing BMW Malaysia’s dedication to Electric Mobility and its ongoing commitment to enhancing the BMW i vehicle lineup.

The new i5’s headlights are adorned with vertical LED bars that give it an attractive appearance both during the day and at night. The kidney grille is a visually arresting focal point at the front of the car and takes stylistic cues from the legendary “Sharknose” design. When combined with the BMW Iconic Glow contour line, it gives off an eye-catching external look. The M high gloss Shadowline adds even more visual appeal to the entire design.

The sleek 21-inch BMW Individual 954 wheels in Bicolor Jet Black with mixed-size tyres balance the captivating car and provide a powerful visual impact. The luxury sedan has the seductive aspect of a coupe thanks to the seamless transition of the iconic Hofmeister kink, a distinguishing feature of the BMW 5 Series, to the back. The sleek LED taillights and adaptable LED headlights provide a unique visual element, providing a modern take on the traditional BMW 5 Series design.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 has a wheelbase of 2,995mm, a length is 5,060mm, a width is 1,900mm, and a height is 1,515mm. This has a 97mm longer, 32mm wider, 36mm taller, and 20mm wider wheelbase than its predecessor.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 is a thrilling addition to the legendary BMW 5 Series portfolio, representing a new era of driving excellence, luxury, and innovation. It boasts impressive power, delivering an exceptional maximum output of 340hp and an outstanding electric range of up to 582km (WLTP).

One of its unique features is the “Max Range” function, which enhances efficiency by 25 percent, while its peak torque of 430Nm in Sport Boost allows it to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.0 seconds. The Iconic Sounds Electric system, created by renowned film music composer Hans Zimmer, provides an auditory delight, adapting to the selected driving mode.

At the heart of it is an 83.9kWh high-voltage battery with advanced features like adaptive recuperation and intelligent heat pump technology. It offers high-powered charging capabilities with options for both DC and AC charging, providing rapid charging and convenient overnight charging.

Inside, the BMW Curved Display takes centre stage. This feature combines a 12.3-inch instrument panel with a 14.9-inch touchscreen Control Display, offering both intuitive interaction and fully digital communication through natural language and touch commands.

Enhancing the ambience of the cabin, the illuminated BMW Interaction Bar, initially introduced in the All-Electric BMW i7, extends across the dashboard. Combined with Ambient Lighting, it creates an unforgettable experience for drivers, allowing them to effortlessly control functions like air conditioning with just a touch.

Adding an extra layer of luxury to the interior is the Crafted Clarity glass application, featuring polished glass crystal elements. The Dark Silver M accent, in conjunction with the Aluminum Rhombicle trim, provides a sophisticated finishing touch to the cabin.

The car also offers wireless charging on the tray. The iDrive Controller and centre console elements have been thoughtfully redesigned to enhance their technological features while retaining their user-friendly characteristics.

The in-cabin experience is elevated further with the Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound System, boasting 18 speakers and an amplifier output of 655 Watts. There is also a BMW Panorama glass roof, which expands at the top and includes an open-air feature that fills the interior with natural light.

BMW Malaysia is dedicated to expanding its charging network, ensuring that BMW owners enjoy a seamless EV ownership experience. The design features iconic BMW design elements and modern innovations. The interior is equipped with advanced technology, including the new BMW Operating System 8.5.

Safety and driver support technologies are a priority, with the introduction of Proactive Care, an integrated customer service system, and the comprehensive Driving Assistance Professional.

In addition to the Proactive Care system, the car is equipped with the comprehensive Driving Assistance Professional package as a standard feature. This package encompasses a wide array of safety and support technologies tailored to assist drivers during both long journeys and urban traffic. These features are designed to enhance driving comfort and safety and include:

Distance Control with Stop and Go function: This feature helps maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead, even in stop-and-go traffic.

Steering and Lane Control Assistant: This system assists with steering and helps keep the car within the lane, thus enhancing driving comfort and safety.

Automatic Speed Limit Assist: This function helps drivers stay within speed limits by providing guidance and warnings regarding speed limits on the current road.

Route Control and Active Navigation Guidance: This feature helps plan the optimal route and provides active navigation guidance, making your journey more efficient.

Side Collision Protection: This technology is designed to detect potential side collisions and provide warnings or assistance to avoid such incidents.

Road Priority Warning: This function offers alerts and warnings about road conditions, helping you stay informed and safe during your travels.

Wrong-way Warning: This system provides alerts if you are heading the wrong way on a road, reducing the risk of entering a one-way road incorrectly.

Crossing-traffic Warning with braking function: This feature helps detect cross-traffic and can apply the brakes if a potential collision is detected, further enhancing safety at intersections and crossings.

To further enhance the driving experience, there are upholstery options available, such as the exclusive Leather Merino Black and Leather Merino Copper Brown. Redesigned sport seats are also standard. The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 is available in Black Sapphire Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Brooklyn Grey Metallic, and Phytonic Blue Metallic as standard exterior colours.

The First-Ever All-Electric BMW i5 eDrive40 is priced at RM419,800. It can be owned with a financial program starting from RM 4,855.00 per month. BMW Malaysia offers a complete premium ownership experience for i5 eDrive40 owners, including a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty, 8-Year/160,000km Battery Warranty and BMW Roadside Assistance.

Pengguna iPhone 15 dari Apple menghadapi masalah pengecasan tanpa wayar dalam kereta BMW, yang menyebabkan kerosakan cip NFC (Near Field Communication). Pengguna yang terkesan oleh masalah ini melaporkan kehilangan kemampuan untuk menggunakan Apple Pay. Menurut pengguna, satu-satunya penyelesaian yang ada adalah dengan menggantikan seluruh iPhone. Apple kini mengakui masalah ini dalam kedua-dua model BMW dan satu model Toyota.

Apple telah menghantar memo dalaman kepada pembekal perkhidmatan yang diberi kebenaran, mengesahkan bahawa semua versi iPhone 15 rentan kepada masalah ini. Walau bagaimanapun, syarikat itu tidak memberikan penjelasan terperinci mengenai mengapa perkara ini berlaku atau langkah-langkah tertentu yang akan diambil untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini. Apple merancang untuk mengeluarkan kemas kini perisian tahun ini untuk mengatasi masalah ini.

Laporan menunjukkan bahawa walaupun tempoh pengecasan tanpa wayar yang singkat dalam kereta BMW boleh menyebabkan kerosakan cip NFC dalam iPhone 15. Pada awalnya, ia kelihatan sebagai masalah dengan model-model BMW, namun penyiasatan lanjut menunjukkan bahawa masalah ini berkaitan dengan iPhone 15 itu sendiri, bukan dengan kereta. Pengguna Android tidak melaporkan masalah serupa, dan pengguna dengan iPhone generasi sebelumnya kelihatan tidak terjejas.

Pemilik model Toyota Supra, yang dibina dalam kerjasama dengan BMW dan berkongsi jenis pengecasan tanpa wayar yang sama, juga mungkin menghadapi masalah ini, menurut memo Apple.

Apple belum lagi memberikan penjelasan menyeluruh mengenai kerosakan cip NFC yang berkaitan dengan pengecasan tanpa wayar dalam kereta BMW, menyebabkan pengguna menunggu kemas kini perisian yang akan datang untuk menangani masalah ini.

Apple iPhone 15 users are encountering issues with wireless charging in BMW cars, causing NFC (Near Field Communication) chip failures. Users affected by this problem have reported losing the ability to use Apple Pay. The only available solution, according to users, is to replace the iPhone entirely. Apple has now acknowledged the issue in both BMW models and one Toyota model.

Apple has sent an internal memo to authorised service providers, confirming that all versions of the iPhone 15 are susceptible to this issue. However, the company has not provided a detailed explanation of why the error occurs or the specific steps it will take to resolve the problem. Apple plans to release a software update later this year to address the issue.

Reports suggest that even brief periods of wireless charging in a BMW could lead to NFC chip damage in the iPhone 15. While it initially appeared to be an issue with BMW models, further investigation suggests that the problem is related to the iPhone 15 itself, not the cars. Android users have not reported similar issues, and users with previous-generation iPhones appear to be unaffected.

Owners of Toyota MKV Supra models, which are built in partnership with BMW and share the same type of wireless charger, may also encounter this issue, according to the Apple memo.

Apple has not yet provided a comprehensive explanation for the NFC chip failure associated with wireless charging in BMW cars, leaving users awaiting the forthcoming software update to address the problem.

BMW Group Logistik, in collaboration with Trailer Dynamics, has successfully tested an electrically powered semi-trailer in real-world logistics operations. This innovative e-trailer concept achieved remarkable fuel savings when paired with a diesel truck. The testing occurred over various distances and routes, and the results were promising.

  • Short and Medium Distances: The e-trailer, when combined with a diesel truck, achieved average fuel savings of over 46% for short and medium distances.
  • Long Distances: For long-distance routes, the fuel savings exceeded 48% compared to conventional trailers.

The e-trailer is unique in that it features its own battery and electric drive axle, which assists the semi-truck’s engine. Integrated sensors optimize the load ratio, further improving fuel economy. The e-trailer’s powered axle not only reduces the tractor’s energy consumption but also provides additional power during acceleration and on inclines.

The tests were conducted over both medium and long distances, with up to 250km per day on motorways and main roads. The e-trailer data was collected automatically during these journeys. Over long distances, energy modules for BMW electric cars were transported over 450km, resulting in significant diesel savings. The e-tailer’s battery was charged with 100% green energy, further contributing to its environmental benefits.

A remarkable achievement was demonstrated on the final day of testing, where an electric Volvo tractor was used in combination with an e-trailer. This combination achieved a driving distance of more than 600km without recharging and, therefore, a 100% CO2 reduction when using an e-truck and e-trailer together.

While e-trailers come with a higher initial weight that affects payload capacity, the increased total weight for trailers allowed in the EU helps offset this concern. The higher acquisition costs are balanced by lower operating costs, especially over long distances.

The BMW Group is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and supports the development of innovative technologies in transport logistics to achieve these goals. These e-trailer pilot projects are a significant step in realising their “Green Transport Logistics” strategy.

BMW Malaysia has introduced the New BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport, an enhanced version of its powerful and luxurious Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV). This model complements the previously unveiled Pure Excellence variant and will be assembled at the BMW Assembly Plant in Kulim, expanding the premium automaker’s assembly lineup in Malaysia.

The new BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport boasts various sports-oriented enhancements, including a new M Specific front and rear design thanks to the M Aerodynamics Package. It features door entry sills inscribed with the iconic M logo, emphasizing its sporty character. The SAV’s visual highlights include the BMW Iconic Glow kidney grille illuminated by LED fiber optics and new 22-inch M Sport light alloy wheels with a double-spoke design.

Inside, it showcases the ‘Fineline Black’ fine wood trim with high-gloss metal accents and an M leather steering wheel. It features BMW Individual extended Merino leather upholstery in Black or Tartufo. The SAV’s driving assistance package includes the Driving Assistant Professional with features such as Distance Control with Stop & Go and Steering and Lane Control Assistants, enabling Level 2 Autonomous Driving capabilities for enhanced safety and comfort.

It is powered by a six-cylinder mild hybrid engine with 380hp and 540Nm of torque. Equipped with BMW xDrive all-wheel drive and an 8-speed Steptronic Sport transmission, the SAV can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds. It features mild-hybrid technology with a 48-volt starter generator for improved efficiency and dynamics.

In addition to the existing Mineral White Metallic and Black Sapphire Metallic colour options, the variant-exclusive M Brooklyn Grey Metallic will be available.

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia offers the Straight Line Financing Plan, enabling ownership of the new BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport with monthly installment plans starting from RM8,322.00 (based on estimates of an 80% loan on a seven-year tenure).

Owners of the BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport will receive the complete BMW Group Malaysia Premium Ownership experience, which includes a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty with a free scheduled service programme, BMW Roadside Assistance and Accident Hotline, and BMW Service Online.

The retail pricing for the BMW X7 xDrive40i M Sport with a 5-Year Extended Warranty and Service Package, along with Sales and Service Tax (on the road, without insurance), is RM 718,800.00.

BMW Malaysia has introduced the new BMW X1 sDrive20i xLine, expanding its esteemed lineup of compact Sports Activity Vehicles (SAVs) assembled within Malaysia. This latest variant marks the third generation of the BMW X1 series, boasting larger dimensions and a commanding presence on the road.

In terms of design, the X1 showcases a bold road presence with a prominent kidney grille, adaptive LED headlights, and distinctive lines. The wheel arches and 19-inch light alloy wheels underscore the characteristic BMW X look. It has larger dimensions, measuring 4,500mm in length, 1,845mm in width, 1,616mm in height, and featuring a wheelbase of 2,692mm. For reference sake, the Honda HR-V is 4,385mm long and 1,790mm wide with a wheelbase of 2,610mm. The luggage compartment offers an impressive maximum capacity of 1,527 litres.



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