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Geely Auto’s global flagship SUV, the Bo Yue, has already drawn over 750,000 users in China alone since its launch in 2016. It has also found great success in Malaysia as the X70 sold by Proton which is Geely’s affiliate.

In Russia, the Geely brand is also growing fast and has the Bo Yue as its flagship SUV – but sold with the name of Atlas. As in Malaysia, the SUV is presented as a smart SUV with Yandex Auto functionality. This gives new intelligent mobility experience to Russian speaking markets through a smart cockpit system jointly developed by Geely’s strategically invested technology company, ECARX and Russian internet giant, Yandex.

Proton X70
The Geely Bo Yue is sold as a Proton X70 in Malaysia where it has been very successful. Drivers activate the intelligent digital voice assistant by saying ‘Hi Proton’.

Produced in Geely Auto’s plant in Minsk for the Russian and Belarus market, the model’s interface has been specially developed for Russian-speaking users based on the GKUI Geely Smart Ecosystem. The GKUI was developed by ECARX and first launched on the Geely Bo Yue in China. It is now installed in over 22 Geely Auto vehicles. In the newly formed partnership, Yandex is responsible for software development and application localization with ECARX providing the platform.

Geely Atlas

Geely Atlas

‘Hi Alice’
To meet the demands of Russia users for localized digital services, ECARX has modified the GKUI in the locally produced Atlas with Yandex Auto and Russian digital voice assistant ‘Alice’ (in the Malaysia X70, the command is ‘Hi Proton‘). Users can utilize the intelligent voice assistant for navigation, search, and entertainment needs as well as control more functions of the Atlas in Russian.

Through the partnership, the two sides will be able to give full play to ECARX’s experience in intelligent connectivity and Yandex’s Russian digital services infrastructure. The strategic cooperation with Yandex marks the beginning of ECARX’s entry into the European market.


With the addition of the new dedicated E-series chips, the updated GKUI19 adds greater AI capabilities to the system. In the latest platform, the GKUI cloud has been upgraded to an AI cloud, GKUI mobile phone inspired desktop has been upgraded to a smart desktop which utilizes AI to intuitively configure itself depending on the user’s needs, GKUI One-ID has been upgraded to all-round ID with support for different application ecosystems from GKUI’s eco-partners, and GKUI ecosystem has been upgraded with a developer platform allowing greater integration across the internet. GKUI is now able to connect seamlessly with Xiaomi smart devices, Baidu smart devices, JD.com smart devices and other smart devices allowing users to control their home or office appliances from their car.

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The new Great Wall Motors (GWM) factory at Tula, 193 kms south of Moscow in Russia, which began operations this month is the largest overseas vehicle manufacturing facility built by a Chinese automobile enterprise. It represents a new stage of development for GWM, especially for its Haval brand, in the Russian market. It is a crucial part of the ‘HAVAL 5-2-1 Globalization Strategy’ to achieve an annual sales volume of 2 million units within 5 years and become the global No.1 professional SUV brand.

The primary task of Tula Factory is to meet demand in Russia and neighbouring markets. The factory will then export more to Eastern European countries and serve as a major production base when Haval further develops the mainstream European markets.

Safe, efficient and environment-friendly
The Tula Factory has advanced manufacturing technology and tooling equipment for the 4 major production processes of stamping, welding, painting and assembly. Numerous measures have been included to ensure that the whole production process safe, efficient and environment-friendly. For example, the stamping workshop is equipped with a full-automatic closed type production line with 4 sequences. An ABB 7-axis robot is applied to transport the parts and an automatic rapid die change system is adopted to realize safe and efficient production.

The welding workshop is equipped with a large number of robots for speed and high productivity. The automation rate of main welding line is 100%, and that of sub-welding line is 40%. At the same time, NBG multi-model automatic switching flexible production line is installed for automatic switching of 3 models, with the new F7 being one of them. The F7 will be launched in Russia as the first global car of Chinese automobile brands.

The new F7 SUV has been developed to suit the needs of Russian customers. It will be offered with 1.5-litre or 2.0-litre GDIT engines and 7-speed automatic transmissions as well as all-wheel drive. It is 4620 mm long and 1846 mm wide, which places its body size between the Kia Sorento and Honda CR-V.

‘Bridgehead’ to expansion overseas
”With the completion of the Global Factory, Tula will become the ‘bridgehead’ of Great Wall Motors to expand overseas market. In the future development, Haval must go global to create globally competitive products, and build a globally influential brand as a global SUV leader,” said GWM’s Chairman, Wei Jianjun.

After 15 years of development, Russia has become one of the most mature overseas markets of Haval brand and the point of strength in its strategy. At present, there are more than 100,000 Haval vehicles in the market. By the end of 2018, there were 35 distributors in Russia and the number is to approximately double by the end of this year.


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