Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia is gearing up for the 2023 Sepang 1000 KM Endurance Race (S1K) with a focus on defending the overall title they secured the previous year. The team plans to enter a Toyota Vios in the MTC Class, with drivers Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel and Naquib Azlan returning to the competition. Additionally, dealer team Wing Hin Motorsports will participate with two Toyota Yaris cars in the MTC Class, driven by Boy Wong and former Gazoo Racing Rookie Class driver Amer Harris.

The S1K event will also feature the third edition of the Gazoo Racing (GR) Vios Enduro Cup within the SP2 Class. This cup has gained popularity as a season finale for drivers already engaged in the GR Vios Challenge and GR Vios Sprint Cup. The GR Vios Enduro Cup attracts a diverse range of drivers, including teenagers, a father and son duo, a husband and wife team, and several female drivers.


Toyota Gazoo Racing Malaysia bersedia untuk menyertai Perlumbaan ‘Endurance’ Sepang 1000 KM (S1K) 2023, dengan matlamat mempertahankan gelaran keseluruhan yang mereka menangi pada tahun sebelumnya.

Pasukan ini akan menggunakan sebuah Toyota Vios dalam Kelas MTC, dengan Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel dan Naquib Azlan kembali sebagai pemandu. Selain itu, dua kereta Toyota Yaris akan dimasukkan oleh pasukan peniaga Wing Hin Motorsports dalam Kelas MTC, yang akan dipandu oleh Boy Wong dan bekas pemandu Gazoo Racing Rookie Class, Amer Harris.


After coming so close to winning in 2021, the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Malaysia Team returned this year to take a historic 1-2 victory in the 9-hour race at the Sepang International Circuit. Three Toyotas finished in the top 5 overall positions, and in the Malaysian Touring Car (MTC) Class in only Toyota’s second year participating in the annual event.

A record total of 77 cars lined up on the grid for the 14th edition of the Sepang 1000KM event (S1K) this year. The race had the MTC and SP2 Classes for cars below 1600 cc and incorporated the GAZOO Racing Vios Enduro Cup (exclusively for the Toyota Vios cars competing in the Vios Challenge race series).

Crewed by GAZOO Racing Malaysia ambassador Tengku Djan Ley and reigning Vios Challenge Sporting Class champion Naquib Azlan, the team’s #37 Vios took the chequered flag after 181 laps. The car had started from pole position and crossed the finish line 6.2 seconds ahead of the nearest rival – the #39 Yaris of Hayden Haikal and Jwan Hii for Wing Hin Motorsports (a UMW Toyota Motor  dealer).


After a successful debut in the 2021 edition of the Sepang 1000KM (S1K), UMW Toyota Motor and GAZOO Racing Malaysia are now aiming for success in Malaysia’s popular endurance race with the Toyota Vios. This weekend will see it entering two cars in the MTC Class to fight for the overall victory in the S1K – an achievement it so nearly came close to achieving last year.

The 2022 S1K, which has 77 entries this year,  will also see a total of 15 SP2 Class Toyotas competing in the GAZOO Racing Vios Enduro Cup that is exclusive to and open to all generations of the model competing in the Vios Challenge and Vios Sprint Cup race series.


The year cannot end without running Malaysia’s popular endurance race – the Sepang 1000km (S1K) – and it will take place on November 17, 18 and 20 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC). On November 19th, it’s voting day for the General Elections so activities will be suspended on that day,

As a big finale to the race calendar, this year’s S1k has the highest number of entries since 2019. The full grid will see no less than 77 cars. The entries are not only from Malaysia; with travel restrictions due to the pandemic now eased, there are also competitors from neighbouring countries.


As ‘normalcy’ returns to our lives, motorsports activities are picking up and organisers are working hard on plans for events in coming months. UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has already prepared for this, having made the plans last year to have a broader range of events instead of just the Vios Challenge One-Make series that has been run since 2007.

Two additional races
In 2022, in addition to the Vios Challenge (which has completed two rounds), GAZOO Racing and UMWT will run the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup. These will offer another 5 races this year to make it 11 races in total.

The Vios Sprint Cup is run independently of the Vios Challenge, and will feature 2 rounds within the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS), with each round having 2 races. The event will also retain the format of a one-make series as in the Vios Challenge, to ensure a level playing field where the emphasis will be on racecraft, driving skills and experience, not engine power.

Round 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup will be held on May 20 – 22 at the Sepang International Circuit, followed by Round 2 in July at the same venue. The season finale Vios Enduro Cup will coincide with prestigious Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race (S1K) in November.

2 drivers per car
A total of 26 cars will line up on the grid for the Vios Sprint Cup with each car consisting of two drivers. To make things interesting and to level the playing field even more, the pairing of drivers must be made up of the combination of professionals, amateurs, celebrities and rookies as per the Vios Challenge classes for Super Sporting (professionals), Sporting (amateurs), Promotional (celebrities) and Rookies (young and new drivers).

The race weekend will consist of two 1-hour races. Race 1 of the Vios Sprint Cup on Saturday will see both drivers driving in two separate qualifying sessions, and the faster driver required to start the 1-hour race before making a mandatory pitstop for a driver change.

In Race 2 on Sunday, the slower driver of the pair will start the 1-hour race and again required to make a mandatory pit stop for a driver change. Race 2 will also be started as a reverse grid order based on the results of Race 1.

RM10,000 for the champs
The overall champion in each of the two races stand to win RM10,000 cash, followed by RM8,000 for the first runner up, RM6,000 to the third place winner, and RM4,000 and RM2,000 for the fourth and fifth place winners respectively. In total, the Vios Sprint Cup offers prize monies amounting to RM60,000 per round.

The Vios Enduro Cup in November will see Toyota drivers competing over 1000 km in the race that is expected to take 9 hours covering 181 laps of the Sepang International Circuit.

“The objective is to expand on our existing racing activities in the Vios Challenge. With the Vios Sprint Cup and the Vios Enduro Cup, it will mean an additional 5 races on top of the 6 races already lined up for the Vios Challenge. This will provide even more racing and rewards for participating drivers, teams and dealers and at the same time underline UMW Toyota Motor’s commitment to contribute to a more vibrant motorsports eco-system in Malaysia,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran K.

Those who wish to register their participation or know more about the Vios Sprint Cup and Vios Enduro Cup can contact Janet, the Race Management representative from Wing Hin Motorsports at 016-367 3300. Other information on

For more information on GAZOO Racing activities and GR products in Malaysia, visit www.toyota.com.my/tgrmalaysia.

The Father and Daughter racers in the Vios Challenge

Even before the excitement of the last round of Season 4 of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Festival/Vios Challenge has faded away, GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s Vios racing cars are going into battle again. This  time, it is not a one-make races and the team will be up against other models in the Sepang 1000KM Endurance Race (S1K) this weekend.

The annual race will also see the running of the inaugural Vios Enduro Cup for privateers and dealer teams competing in the SP2 Production Class.

GAZOO Racing Malaysia will field a two-car entry in the MTC Production Class and SP2 production class. Fighting for outright victory in the MTC Production class will be the trio of 3-time Vios Challenge Super Sporting Class champion and also GAZOO Racing Malaysia Ambassador, Tengku Djan Ley. He will be teamed up with newly-crowned Vios Challenge Rookie Class champion, 20-year old Naquib Azlan, and GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s Chief Motorsports Officer, Akio Takeyama.

The S1K race will be the first for Naquib who, up until last year, had only been racing online behind the wheel of a simulator. He was one of six drivers recruited into the GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program and later provided with the opportunity to compete in the Rookie Class for young drivers.

20-year old Naquib Azlan has shown that simulator racing provides some skills that can be used in real racing, and in the GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program, those skills were developed further.

The SP2 Production Class, meanwhile, will see the combination of Vios Challenge Rookie Class drivers Mika Hakimi and Jwan Hii partnering Promotional Class driver, actor and Season 4’s first runner-up Zizan Razak. Zizan proved to be a worthy contender in this year’s Vios Challenge Promotional Class races by clinching podium finishes in all races. Being the most experienced racer amongst the SP2 Production Class team, Zizan is expected to bring his A-game and winning attitude as well as flair into the race.

The recent finale round of Season 4 of the Vios Challenge/TGR Festival was run at night, a first for the series.

Mika and Jwan finished had third and fourth overall respectively in the recently concluded Vios Challenge, and will also be making their debut in the S1K. Like Naquib, both drivers are also graduates of the GAZOO Racing Young Talent Development Program. Mika, 17, also has a background of simulator racing while 18-year-old Jwan’s racing experience had been karting before having a chance at cars.

“The two entries in S1K are to fulfill several objectives if you look closely at the driver line-up. Yes, we will be gunning for both outright and class victories; it is also the start of expanding GAZOO Racing Malaysia’s presence in Malaysian motorsports, but the participation is also to provide a  platform for new, talented and especially young drivers to race in an even more competitive environment beyond the Vios Challenge,” said Mr. Takeyama, who has also been racing in the Vio Challenge for all 4 seasons.

The Vios Enduro Cup will run concurrently with the S1K and is designed to bring the Vios Challenge race cars and its drivers beyond their traditional hunting grounds. The Cup will offer a first prize of RM10,000.00, while the second and third place winners stand to win RM8,000.00 and RM6,000.00 respectively. A cash prize of RM4,000.00 and RM2,000.00 is also up for grabs for the fourth and fifth place finishers in the race.

Unlike the short races of the Vios Challenge, the S1K is a 1,000-km race which can cover up to 181 laps and take around 9 hours. It is also held at the Sepang International Circuit. In the 11 years that the race has been held (2009 to 2019), Toyota cars have won the race twice with private entries behind the wheel of an AE86 in 2010 and a Corolla Altis in 2011.

Highlights Of The Season 4 Vios Challenge Night Races (Second Night)


It’s a Sunday night and you’re out with friends at your friendly neighbourhood mamak stall and on the screen is a Formula 1 race. You then think to yourself: “It’s just a matter of driving fast. Anyone can do it.” Think again.

Like other intense sports, motorsports requires its athletes to undergo constant training and be in peak physical form in order to excel. Typically, a driver in a race will have to be able to cope with g-forces higher than those experienced in everyday driving when taking corners in excess of 100 km/h. He or she must be able to feel oversteering or understeering due to tyre grip and the setup of the car’s suspension. In addition to being fit, a race car driver will need to have an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of a car.

Proton R3

For Proton R3’s Mitchell Cheah, Fariqe Hairuman, Syafiq Ali, Admi Shahrul, Nurul Husna, Faye Kusairi and Leona Chin, racing came naturally – but only after they began preparing for the race several weeks beforehand. ‘Weekend racers’ may just go to the track and drive fast but for those who are serious about racing, there’s a strict exercise regime and they must follow a healthy and balanced diet. Trips to the mamak stall are definitely out of the question (at least until after the racing season is over).

One of the drivers (we won’t tell who) even spends some time playing Call of Duty in the name of improving hand-eye coordination. Those who spend time on Playstation4’s racing simulators also gain ‘experience’ that can be useful when they race in the real world. So yes, it’s easy to drive a car, but challenging to race in one.

Teamwork is imperative for success
Another crucial aspect about competitive motorsports is the fact that it isn’t a one-man show. Teamwork is imperative for success – engineers are required to analyse and make quick adjustments to the car; engine and tyre specialists have their self-explanatory roles; a pit crew must be quick and precise at refuelling and replacing tyres; a crew chief, who oversees the technical crew; and a team manager who keeps administrative duties in check.

Proton R3

Proton R3

Typically, a racing team begins preparations several days before the actual race day. The driver(s) will have to work closely with the rest of the crew to ensure that their cars are set up for the circuit – tuning to the suspension is critical as every track has its own characteristics.

You wouldn’t want to use a soft suspension set-up for a track with lots of corners, unless you enjoy being in a boat that’s constantly bobbing up and down. There’s also the fact that the engine and drivetrain have to be tuned properly to ensure the car is able to provide a good compromise between acceleration and top speed.

Proton R3

While a car’s set-up is important, there’s only so much that can be done to boost the reliability of the car itself. For the Proton R3 drivers this year, the availability of the improved 2019 Saga and 2019 Iriz made a difference and both achieved significant success in the annual Sepang 1,000km (S1K) race.

This is no easy feat because these cars are driven at an average speed of 110 km/h. Other than the brief moments they are in for pit stops, they are constantly pushed hard and this year, that was for 9 hours and over 181 laps. The strain placed on the cars and drivers is therefore intense and both must be in top form.

Proton R3

Proton R3

A successful endeavour
Both the Proton R3 drivers and cars rose to the occasion and dominated the S1K. The 2019 Iriz that was driven by Mitchell and Fariqe captured first place while the 2019 Saga that was driven by Syafiq and Admi came in second.

Also impressive was the all-ladies team which managed to blitz past the competition from 26th on the grid, to seventh overall, ahead of all the other lady drivers. When interviewed, all Proton’s racers attributed the success to the handling and reliability of their Malaysian-made and engineered cars.

Proton R3

All said and done, participating in motorsports events like the S1K takes dedication, discipline and a strong level of focus from the entire team. While many are able to drive well on the roads, participating in a race like the S1K requires more than just good driving skills.

Proton R3 wins Sepang 1000km again – that’s 3 years in a row!



Looks like the folks from Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival’s Toyota Vios Challenge are still pumped up with racing passion as they will be taking part in the Sepang 1000km Endurance Race (S1K) this weekend at the glorious Sepang International Circuit. (more…)

Akio Takeyama, the Chief Motorsports Officer of UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT), will be among the participants in this weekend’s Sepang 1,000-km race (S1K). Mr. Takeyama, who is also Deputy Chairman of UMWT, will be a member of Team Toyota GAZOO Racing Malaysia in his maiden endurance race.

Regular in Vios Challenge
Racing is not new to Mr. Takeyama as he has already competed in the Promotional class for two full seasons of the Toyota Vios Challenge one-make race as well the third season which is ongoing. He will be using one of the two Toyota Vios racing cars prepared by Wing Hin Motorsports for the team. The cars will compete in the premier MTC class for modified production cars below 1600 cc using TRD race-prepared engines prepared at Wing Hin’s own facility in Balakong, Selangor.

Vios Challenge S1
Mr. Takeyama in his first season of racing in the Vios Challenge, part of the Toyota GAZOO Racing Festival. It’s clear that the ‘racing bug’ must have bitten him as he has been a regular in the series which is now into its third season.

“Having only raced in the Vios Challenge for two and a half seasons, going into the S1K will be a totally new and exciting experience for me. I look upon it as a challenge and an opportunity for me to push my own boundaries. I also hope to pick up some valuable insights from my team who have a wealth of circuit racing experience,” said Mr. Takeyama.

His team mates will be former Toyota GAZOO Racing development driver Akira Iida and William Ho. The second Vios racing under Team Wing Hin Motorsports banner will feature Boy Wong and Dannies Ng who have also been taking part in the Vios Challenge.

Mr. Takeyama with his Toyota GAZOO Racing Malaysia team mates, Akira Iida (right) and William Ho (left).

Le Mans racer in the team
With six Le Mans 24-hour race finishes under his belt, Iida has been instrumental in developing Toyota GAZOO Racing’s competitive edge, particularly in the Japan Super GT series. He was also a key member of the ROOKIE Racing team that developed the Toyota 86 for Toyota Motor Corporation’s President Akio Toyoda and his son Daisuke Toyoda to race in the Super Endurance 24-hour Race in Fuji Speedway earlier this year.

Buoyed by the team’s impressive performance in the 2018 event where a Vios driven by the pairing of Boy Wong and William Ho scored a remarkable podium finish, Wing Hin Motorsports Principal Simon Loh is confident that the cars will be among the front-runners again in this year’s event.

Wing Hin Motorsports
Wing Hin Motorsports has been active in the local racing scene and in the 2018 S1K, a Vios prepared by the team and driven by the duo of Boy Wong and William Ho scored a remarkable podium finish.

“With the valuable data collected from last year’s event, the new parts we have secured through our collaboration with TRD and the immense experience of former Toyota GAZOO Racing development driver Akira Iida who will drive for us this year, I believe that we have the package to be competitive once again this year,” said Mr. Loh.

“The S1K is not just about outright pace but working in synergy as a team, getting your strategies in place and running a good pace throughout the event. With good partners such as Toyota, TRD, Moty’s lubricants and Motec behind us, both cars should be in top-running positions barring any on-track incident,” he added.

Race flags off this Saturday
The Sepang 1,000-km race is the highlight of the Malaysian circuit racing calendar each year with a starting grid of some 70 cars based on production models available in Malaysia. The race on the 5.45-km circuit will take over 8 hours to complete with the faster cars expected to clock over 180 laps.

The race will be flagged off with a rolling start around noon this Saturday November 23, with the chequered flag expected to fall at around 9 pm in the evening of the same day.



Team Proton R3 (R3) drivers Fariqe Hairuman and Syafiq Ali have clinched the M-Production Class Championship for the 2019 Malaysia Championship Series (MCS). Driving a Proton Iriz, the pair finished second in Round 5, a gruelling 300-km race offering double points to those who finished in the Top 10.

For Fariqe, the 2019 title is his second MCS championship as he also won it in 2015 while driving for R3. His co-driver Syafiq, a 3-time Sepang 1000km (S1K) winner, collected his first MCS title to add to the impressive list of racing accolades he has already won.

Proton R3 MCS

Aiming for S1K win
After winning the MCS championship, R3 is aiming for a S1K win in November. By winning the MCS championship, R3 have achieved one of their main goals for 2019 and can now focus on defending their S1K title to deliver Proton a record-breaking fifth title in the race. They have a good chance of doing so as the team will be fielding cars with proven track records.

Aside from the Iriz, R3 will race two units of the 2019 Proton Saga, the newest car in their stable. During Round 5 of the MCS, the veteran driven pairing of Admi Shahrul and Faidzil Alang defended their title chasing teammates from attacks by other cars but still managed to drive their Saga to a third-place finish. It was the second podium for the Saga in the last three MCS races, which bodes well for the S1K.

Proton R3 MCS

The second Proton Saga will be piloted by drivers selected from the MSF-R3 Lady Racers Search. The initiative offers an opportunity to lady racers to undergo a development programme with R3, culminating in a race seat in the 2019 S1K race.

Competent road cars add competitiveness on track
“R3 set out to win the MCS in 2019 and we won 6 consecutive races to go into Round 5 as championship leaders. Having racked up 5 wins, the Iriz was carrying 60 kgs of success ballast so our competitors had an advantage during the race. Still, we tried our best to overcome the weight penalty and win the race but, in the end, we finished with two podium places in second and third. The results worked out well for us though and thanks to the skill of our drivers and the handling and reliability of our cars we easily clinched the MCS championship,” said Gary Lee, Team Principal of Proton R3.

Proton R3 MCS

Proton R3 MCS

“The team is using the newest versions of the Iriz and Saga and both have proven to be very competitive, thanks to the excellent handling capabilities of road-going versions of all Proton cars. This provides R3 with a good base from which to build a racing machine and as the season has progressed our development programme has managed to deliver two cars with race-winning potential,” he added.

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