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The public is being urged to exercise caution when purchasing used imported cars to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous dealers. This warning comes from Ahmad Aliff A S Ahmad Shariffuddin, founder of SCRUT, who highlighted several common scams in the used car trade, such as odometer fraud, vehicles damaged in accidents, and cars affected by natural disasters like floods.

According to Sinar Harian, Ahmad Aliff pointed out that many dealers do not inform consumers about the true condition of the vehicle, even though it may look perfect externally without any visible flaws. He noted that attractive offers and unreasonably low prices often lure consumers into these deceptive deals. Ahmad Aliff emphasised that for decades, car buyers have been deceived by unscrupulous capitalists in the used vehicle market, and he advised consumers to be more savvy and thoroughly check the vehicle before proceeding with any transactions.


As we approach the end of the year, the automotive market is experiencing a notable shift, with used car dealers offering enticing discounts on vehicles. This trend is driven by the anticipation of rising car prices in the coming year, which is creating a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers in the used car market.

According to The Star, used car prices are expected to drop by 10% to 15% during this period, making it an excellent time for those in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. However, sellers should be prepared for potential losses of a similar percentage when parting with their vehicles. This fluctuation benefits both sides of the transaction, as buyers can capitalise on these year-end discounts, and manufacturers eager to clear old stock are often willing to lower prices for new vehicles.

One intriguing aspect of this trend is the popularity of certain car brands and models in the used car market. Perodua, known for its low depreciation rate, has gained significant traction, with the Perodua Myvi being a standout choice among buyers. In contrast, the demand for Proton models is relatively lower, highlighting the preferences of used car buyers in the region.


Unscrupulous repossession syndicates are taking advantage of police reports to artificially increase the prices of repossessed vehicles and provide potential buyers with a false sense of security regarding legal matters. This unethical practice was uncovered through various advertisements on social media platforms where repossessed vehicles were being offered for sale.

According to NST, these ads highlighted that the vehicles came with police reports, suggesting that they could be used without encountering any issues with law enforcement.

Typically, repossessors file a standard report with the police when attempting to recover vehicles from loan defaulters. This report primarily serves as a reference for the bank and includes essential details like the time and location of repossession, as well as the storage facility where the vehicle will be kept. However, these syndicates have devised a deceptive tactic, coercing loan defaulters into filing reports using a customized template.


Industry experts predict challenges for the internal combustion engine (ICE) driven second hand car market due to the growing focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards. This could lead to higher costs and taxes for ICE vehicles, raising doubts about the sustainability of the second hand car industry.

The delay in adopting ESG principles is a concern, notably seen in the environmentally harmful reputation of the used car market. This is due to reliance on old, polluting vehicles using fossil fuels.


The sales of second-hand cars are predicted to slow down for the remainder of the year, primarily due to the conclusion of the sales tax exemption on March 31. According to Datuk Tony Khor, the President of the Federation of Motor and Credit Companies Association of Malaysia, the sales of used cars during the first quarter of the year were comparable to the same period in the previous year. However, sales began to decline starting from the second quarter.

As reported by TheStar, Khor explained that the strong sales of used cars in the first quarter were influenced by the deadline of March 31, which was set for car manufacturers to deliver models ordered by customers to take advantage of the sales tax exemption under the National Economic Recovery Plan (Penjana). As more individuals purchased new cars, the necessity to trade in their old cars increased.


Aftersales support – providing regular maintenance and availability of replacements parts – is an important part of the auto business. Authorised distributors of new vehicles are expected to provide aftersales support to customers to ensure that they have a good ownership experience.

Buying a used vehicle is a different thing and aftersales support is not mandatory. This is, of course, to be expected and for most owners, there are many independent service centres (as well as the authorised ones handling the brand of their vehicles) to go to for periodic maintenance and repairs.


Buying a used car always carries with it a risk. Having been owned and used by one or more people before, its condition can vary. If you’re lucky, the previous owner or owners looked after it well and had it regularly services so it is in good condition. But there are also unlucky used-car buyers who end up with a problematic car and wish that it had been inspected professionally earlier.

myTukar, the digital pre-owned car ecosystem across the Asia-Pacific region, understands this concern of buyers and has introduced myTukar Certified for reassurance. This technology-backed stamp of assurance certification for used cars is fully transparent and backed by detailed information and standardised inspections.


Purchasers of Proton Certified Pre-Owned (PCPO) vehicles will have more peace of mind with an extended warranty of 12 months when they buy the vehicles from authorized Proton used car outlets nationwide. The PCPO Extended Warranty Program (PCPO-EW) is now underwritten by Allianz General Insurance.

Under the program, parts of the engine and transmission that are found to be defective under normal use for the first 25,000 kms or 12 months after the purchase is made will be repaired or replaced by the warranty provider.


Das WeltAuto is a website where those who are looking for a used Volkswagen vehicle in Malaysia can go to and check out the available models. Launched in September 2019, it is Volkswagen’s global used car program which offers certified used cars for sale.

“What makes Das WeltAuto different from other used car channels is that you can expect the same exceptional level of service as a new car purchase experience from a dealer you can trust, with experienced sales staff who will provide the best advice and maximum transparency. All this from a brand you can rely on – and most importantly, a product you can trust,” said Erik Winter, Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM).

To improve the user experience, the website has been refreshed and now presents a more minimalist look. The interface has also been revamped and various new features have been introduced to provide convenience.

Most notably, owners can sell their Volkswagen to authorised dealerships through the ‘Sell Your Car’ function. This completes the Das WeltAuto ecosystem as it now provides both the purchase and sale of certified used Volkswagen cars within the same platform.

The process for ‘Sell Your Car’ is simple as owners only need to submit their vehicle’s details via the website. A preferred dealership will then arrange for a free inspection either at home or on-site before a competitive offer is made. Attractive trade-up support is offered if the owner wants to purchase a new Volkswagen from the dealership.

Another feature is the ‘Nearly New Cars’ section that lists certified cars with less than 12,000 kms mileage and are within a year of the original registration date. These might be company-owned vehicles that have been used as demonstrators and can often be a great deal for buyers as they are almost as good as new.

Das WeltAuto follows Volkswagen’s global know-how, standards and processes so customers are assured of the same level of meticulousness for the used cars as if they were purchasing a brand-new one. All vehicles are accepted for trade-in and will undergo a strict and thorough 133-point check  by Volkswagen Technicians.

Peace of mind is also guaranteed as all Das WeltAuto vehicles are fitted with genuine parts (where necessary); are accident-free and flood-free; and come with complete proof of scheduled services at authorised Volkswagen service centres. Purchasers also get a 1-year extended warranty and 12 months of complimentary roadside assistance.

Full range of services available at all authorised Volkswagen dealerships

Carsome, a regional e-commerce automotive platform, recently launched the Carsome Certified Lab, said to be the largest car refurbishment facility in the region. The facility complements the other services offered to dealers and buyers of used cars which include inspection, ownership transfer and financing.

Located in the Bukit Raja industrial park, Selangor, the facility covers over 185,000 square feet of floor area and is a fully-functional Lab which can transform a pre-owned car to be as good as new. It is able to refurbish up to 2,000 vehicles per month, which is an industry-leading volume in Southeast Asia. Similar facilities will be opened in other parts of Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand over the coming 12 months.

175-point inspection before refurbishment
Each Carsome-Certified car must go through a stringent 175-point inspection to ensure that it is free from fire, flood and major accident damages. Only if it is certified can be it refurbished and the bulk of the investment is spent on mechanical and general repair, body and paint, as well as car detailing.

The work carried out covers all areas of the vehicle, including engine and electronic systems. Each process is performed by skilled and experienced technical specialists while adhering to global safety standards. These efforts ensure that all Carsome-Certified cars are safe, comfortable and look as good as new.

5-day money-back guarantee
All Carsome-Certified cars come with the ‘Carsome Promise’ which, besides confirming that they have passed the 175-point inspection, includes a 1-year warranty and 5-day money-back guarantee. The prices are fixed with no hidden fees.

“Carsome Certified exists to give consumers the options of pre-owned cars that are more superior. All our cars go through world-class refurbishment at Carsome Certified Lab, so that our customers can choose their dream car from our largest selection of best-in-class, quality-assured cars. This is our continuous effort in eliminating consumer and industry pain points,” said Carsome Certified CEO Mei Han.

More peace of mind buying pre-owned Honda vehicles from Honda Certified Used Car dealers


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